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2023 PlayStation Showcase: Fans In For Exciting 'Spider-Man 2' Gameplay

By Eben Duru
May 25, 2023

As anticipated, yesterday's 2023 PlayStation Showcase was a showoff of breathtaking reveals including 'Metal Gear', 'Marathon',  'Dragon's Dogma' , 'Spider-Man' sequels, etc..

The latter showcased quite a bit in terms of new characters, gameplay, and even spider suits. 

Of course a follow-up game needs a follow-up story, and 'Spider-Man 2' puts one of its spotlights on Vladimir Kravinoff — also known as Kraven the Hunter.

It is not just Kraven who Peter and Miles (yes, New York is now under the protection of two different Spider-People) will have to contend with, however.

It appears Kraven has brought his own personal army to NYC as he begins his Great Hunt. Because what better prey than one with superpowers.


Kraven's Hunters act as a new enemy faction, complete with their own unique tools and weapons including a variety of vehicles, an unsurprising arsenal of firearms, but also bird- and dog-like robotic drones.

These Hunters also don't appear to worry much about collateral damage, so it may be necessary to keep an eye out for any nearby civilians if a fight breaks out.

The trailer shows a bit of Kraven's frustration at his (or rather his team's) inability to find "worthy" prey at the start, but mostly it highlights a gameplay set piece where Kraven pursues Dr Curt Connors (also known as The Lizard) with other villains — and possibly heroes — likely to show up on his itinerary as well.

Outside of the inclusion of The Lizard — who appears to have become even bigger and toothier after molting — and Kraven, the trailer also shows off some fairly smooth transitions between controlling Peter and Miles, with each bringing their own spider powers to the action. But perhaps even bigger than Kraven is Peter's new suit making an appearance.

With the exciting announcement of the 'Spider-Man 2' series, gamers around the world cannot help but get excited for the 2023 Playstation Showcase.


As the anticipation for the Playstation 5 builds, gamers are sure to have a fantastic time when the Showcase finally arrives.

No matter what the Showcase has in store, one thing is for sure: the world of gaming is sure to be forever changed for the better.

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