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Antarctica: Explorers Stumble Upon 'Never Seen Before' Creatures

By Kindness Udoh
March 20, 2020


Over a thousand researchers and scientists have taken up residence on the icy continent of Antarctica, a place where temperatures can go as low as -90 degrees, to observe changes in our climate and the effect on the rest of the globe.

A documentary titled 'Under the Ice,' reveals some great findings these researchers who go beyond the frosty surface of the vast land to study life under the ice on the continent that has seemingly been left untouched by intrusive human activities.

According to the series, “These cliffs are the next dive site, but it is too far from McMurdo station for the team to use a drilling rig.


“But Christian, Rob and Dale use just about every portable tool known to man to get through the ice."

To go deeper, the team of explorers drilled a hole into the ice before diving in, stumbling upon something remarkable.

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The explorers explained, “This is a type of sea star that they have never seen before.

“It’s using its long arms to pick plankton out of the water as the current moves past.


“This a relative of the sea star, is fly casting for plankton on.

“On the surface, Rob keeps the hole clear and has no idea that below him, Dale is having one of the most memorable dives of his life.”

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