Crime Updated: April 10, 2024

Eid-El-Fitr: NSCDC officials shoot woman at Eid prayer ground in Zamfara

By Rasheed Olajide Awoniyi
April 10, 2024

A gloomy mood descended around Gusau, the capital of Zamfara State, following reports that members of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) had fatally shot a lady at an Eid prayer ground. 

Tension in the neighbourhood increased as a result of the Wednesday event, which sparked widespread rage and violent protests.

Witnesses claim that while pursuing alleged criminals carrying potentially lethal weapons, NSCDC officials fired randomly, unintentionally hitting the victim.

An unplanned demonstration followed the woman's death, who was caught up in the tumultuous situation and caused an instant public uproar.

Allnews.ng gathered that locals ignited an NSCDC truck to show their dismay and deep disgust with the security forces' conduct, expressing a communal outburst of sadness and rage.


Two NSCDC employees were apprehended by the Nigerian Police in Zamfara State, according to ASP Yazid Abubakar, the police spokesperson, who also verified the occurrence.

In a phone chat with the platform, he said that the police are carrying out a comprehensive probe to determine the facts behind the incident.

This terrible incident highlights the tenuous connection that exists between law enforcement and civilians in unstable situations and emphasises the critical need for responsibility and moderation in such operations.

Residents of Gusau are demanding justice and steps to stop such tragedies in the future as the probe moves forward.

“We have two of them in our custody as we speak now, they are the ones that shot the gun, though the command is still investigating the incident.”


Upon being contacted, Ikor Oche, the Zamfara State NSCDC Spokesperson, refuted the claim that the victim was shot by Civil Defence personnel.

He claimed that when they heard the gunfire, the Corps officials were at their station, watching the activities of the devout Muslims who were out to celebrate the Eid prayer. He said that once they arrived on the site, they saw a woman who was critically hurt.

“Our men were stationed at the central roundabout, close to UBA Bank, they heard a gunshot from the other side around Zenith Bank. They moved to the area and found a woman with a gunshot injury.

“Because they were the ones close to the scene, a mob descended on them. They had to run for their safety and abandoned their Hilux vehicle. The vehicle was set ablaze by the mob and about seven of our men were injured. They did not shoot or kill anybody.”

According to Oche, an inquiry has also been opened by the NSCDC state headquarters to determine what caused the occurrence.


Meanwhile, the group vandalising the Civil Defence vehicle—which had already caught fire—was broken up by personnel of the Nigerian Police, and the scene is now back to normal.

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