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Mainland Oil Deserves National Applause For Slashing Petrol Prices

By Eben Duru
February 09, 2023
Mainland Oil

At a time when a preponderance of Nigeria's society's behavioral indices are anything but commendable, rare qualities such as those recently displayed by Mainland Oil and Gas Limited need to be openly acknowledged and applauded.

Some times in history are rather interesting in bizarre ways. 

The company has recently slashed the prices of the product at its retail outlets even when most other marketers have taken advantage of the prevailing supply crisis in the market to make huge profits. 

The major oil marketer has accelerated petrol retail services in its over 54 stations across the country.

So what's the point here really?

Currently, the citizens of Nigeria are grappling with harrowing experiences involving extreme difficulties in buying petrol, accessing their funds trapped in banks, enduring poor electricity supplies, and having to deal with data or internet access that's becoming increasingly exclusive. 


Typically, from experience, both low-end and high-end operators of all these operational tiers of society cash in on periods of one form of dearth or the other to make unscrupulously huge profits.

Given these scenarios, it's not untypical for an entire era of such sharp practices to pass without any exceptional case of magnanimity. Statistics are rife with virtually all petrol stations hiking petrol prices per liter at this time. 

However, when news broke about Mainland Oil slashing petrol prices, it seemed incredible.

Managing Director of the company, Dr Chris Igwe, stated the company has remained steadfast to regulatory compliance on pricing in line with its commitment to partnering with the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) Limited in taming price distortions in the domestic energy market.

According to him, the domestic fuel market requires disciplined players who must stick to existing regulations on sustainable supply, reliable services, and stable prices.


He explained that Mainland Oil values its unwavering reputation in disciplined and responsible operations above temporary jump in margins.

A survey of the filling stations across the weekend showed most major marketers in the country sell a liter of petrol at the range between N195 in the Southwest zone and Abuja; N200 in the North Central zone; N205 in the South-South zone; N210 in North West and South East zones; and N220 in the North East zone.

To reduce the time spent by customers at Mainland Oil’s retail stations across the country, Igwe stated that the management of the company has directed all its station managers to stretch service hours across the night to ease the pressure in the market and allow night travelers access to fuel.

Igwe acknowledged the expenditure concerns expressed by most marketers over long hours of services, saying that the cost of fuelling uptime at numerous filling stations at a time of high cost of diesel is huge.


Although AllNews Nigeria is yet to verify the authenticity of these facts or to what extent they are authentic, if they are true, then nothing should be spared in celebrating this initiative by Mainland Oil and Gas Limited. It is indeed a rare trait amongst the other players in the same market space.


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