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My home was invaded, they came to kill me – Nnamdi Kanu fumes in court [Video]

By Rasheed Olajide Awoniyi
May 20, 2024

Nnamdi Kanu made headlines on Monday in the Federal High Court in Abuja when he declined to appear in court to face accusations of terrorism while clearly stating to media houses present in the court that the Nigerian government invaded his home, came to kill him and kidnapped him from Kenya. 

Kanu made the allegations after Justice Binta Nyako of the Federal High Court in Abuja dismissed the request by the detained leader of the Biafra nation agitators for the restoration of his revoked bail and his removal from the custody of the Department of State Services, DSS, to either house arrest or prison custody. 

In a video uploaded by Channels TV, the Biafran leader was heard fuming to the press about how it is illegal to trial him on terrorism charges. Nnamdi Kanu stated firmly that it is illegal and he cannot be tried in any court of law in Nigeria. 

“Terrorism Prohibition and Prevention Act said I cannot be tried in Nigeria. That is the law of Nigeria. I can never be tried in any court of law in Nigeria. That is what the law says.

“Anyone standing in trial or coming to try me is a terrorist. That is what the law says, not me. Section 2, Subsection 3F of the Terrorism Prevention and Prohibition Act, that is what it says,” Kanu said.  “Any court continuing to try me is committing an act of terrorism.”


Nnamdi Kanu stated further, “You cannot violate a treaty that Nigeria entered into. You entered my house and then came to try me, that is not done anywhere in the world so you must be aware that that is where there are all these ridiculous delays that is what the Supreme Court says, I did not jump bail, my home was invaded they came to kill me and I survived.

“They came to Kenya to kidnap me, brought me back to this country, and sought to try me, which the law says cannot happen.

“You cannot violate a treaty that was entered into and then hope to stand on that illegality to conduct a trial.

"It is not done anywhere in the world, and nobody has. There’s no exception, no exception whatsoever. That’s what the law says in Section 12.”

Watch the video below: 


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