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Soyinka Throws Weight Behind Isese Tradition

By Philip Adeboye
September 02, 2023

Nobel laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka has frowned against harassment of Isese adherents, stating firmly that the Isese tradition is unshakeable and timeless. 

Professor Soyinka said this during a public discourse held on Friday at the Kongi’s Harvest Art Gallery, located on Freedom Way in Lagos State. 

He highlighted that Isese has been an enduring part of humanity's history and will continue to be so.

Speaking during his presentation, the Professor of English Literature, spoke against Talolorun’s detention, adding that nobody deserved to be detained on issues bordering around belief.

“It transcends religion since it calls to what is innate to all sentient beings, those strange advocates of freedom who, paradoxically, nonetheless persist in fashioning chains for themselves and for their fellow beings.


“Isese liberates. It is an expression of the collective human spirit, its enveloping, compassionate accommodation of human experience, yet one that strives towards the seemingly inaccessible, intuitively felt as an elevating dimension of one’s material estate.

“Isese is a path, not a destination, a seizure yet a pursuit of what we experience as the inner quest for ultimate illumination. Isese does not conclude, and neither does it exclude.

"It does not diminish, rather, it enlarges. It teaches the community to embrace, explore, and adjust.

“Isese promotes, as foundational consciousness, gratitude for, and sanctity of human life. It repudiates the supremacist claim of any structure of spirituality over another.

"Content with the pursuit of inner serenity, which is the climax of, and extraction from celebration, Isese does not seek to exercise power. All true religions know that celebration is a prelude to community equilibrium,” he said.


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