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Ten African Cities With The Lowest Crime Index

By Rasheed Olajide Awoniyi
February 24, 2023

The safety of the people living in a particular geographical area is determined by the rate of crime, violence and lack of peace in such an area. 

This is why for any city in the world, the crime index is never neglected because, at the end of the day, it is the crime index of such cities that will determine the standard of living of the people in these cities. 

Africa as a whole is sadly plagued by various crimes and violence which has made the standard of living for most Africans very poor. 

Investors avoid doing business in these African cities and countries because of the fear of what might happen to their lives and business. 

However, all hope isn't lost for African countries and their cities, there are still several African cities with a low crime index which has helped boost such cities' economies and the standard of living of their population. 


We will explore ten of such African cities with the lowest crime index rate in this article.

10. City of Tripoli
Crime Rate Index- 62.1

With a population of approximately 1.1 million in 2019, Tripoli is both the capital and largest city of Libya.

It can be found in the northwest of Libya, on the outskirts of the desert, on a point of rocky land that juts out into the Mediterranean Sea and forms a bay.



9. City of Harare
Crime Rate Index- 60.6

Zimbabwe's capital city is called Harare.

The National Gallery of Zimbabwe, which is situated on the edge of the landscaped Harare Gardens, houses a sizable collection of contemporary and traditional African artworks, as well as baskets, textiles, jewellery, and musical instruments.

Epworth Balancing Rocks, a peculiar granite formation, is located southeast of the city.

Mukuvisi Woodlands, which features a bird park and bike paths, is home to animals like zebras and giraffes.



8. City of Nairobi
Crime Rate Index- 59.0

Kenya's capital city is Nairobi. In addition to its urban core, the city has Nairobi National Park, a sizable game reserve that is home to giraffes, zebras, and lions in addition to breeding endangered black rhinos.

A reputable elephant orphanage run by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is located also in Nairobi.

Nairobi is frequently used as a starting point for safari trips to other parts of Kenya.

7. City of Casablanca
Crime Rate Index- 54.8

In western Morocco, Casablanca is a port city and a major commercial centre that faces the Atlantic Ocean.

The downtown Mauresque architecture, a fusion of Moorish design and European art deco, is evidence of the city's French colonial past.

The massive Hassan II Mosque, finished in 1993, has a 210-meter minaret topped with lasers pointed toward Mecca and partially overhangs the water.


6. City of Algiers
Crime Rate Index- 52.2

Algeria's capital, Algiers, is located on its Mediterranean coast.

It is well-known for the Kasbah's whitewashed structures, a medina with narrow, winding streets, Ottoman palaces, and a dismantled citadel.

Two sizable minarets flank the Ketchaoua Mosque in the seventeenth century.

There are marble columns and arches in the Great Mosque.

A sizable silver dome and mosaics can be found in the Catholic basilica of Notre Dame d'Afrique, perched on a cliff.


5. City of Cairo
Crime Rate Index- 50.0

Egypt's enormous capital city of Cairo is situated on the Nile River.

Tahrir Square and the enormous Egyptian Museum, which houses a treasure trove of artefacts like gilded King Tutankhamun artefacts and royal mummies, are at the centre of the city.

The famous pyramids and Great Sphinx, which date to the 26th century BC, are located close by in Giza.

The 187m Cairo Tower, located in the green Zamalek neighbourhood of Gezira Island, offers sweeping views of the city. 

4. City of Addis Ababa
Crime Rate Index- 49.2

The nation's commercial and cultural centre in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia's sprawling capital located in the highlands bordering the Great Rift Valley.

Ethiopian artwork, traditional crafts, and ancient fossils are on display in the country's National Museum, along with replicas of Lucy, a well-known early hominid.

The copper-domed Holy Trinity Cathedral, which houses the tomb of the 20th-century emperor Haile Selassie, is a significant example of the neo-baroque architecture of the city. 


3. City of Tunis
Crime Rate Index- 47.4

Tunis is the sprawling capital of Tunisia, a North African country.

It is located along Lake Tunis, just inland from the Gulf of Tunis in the Mediterranean Sea.

It is home to a centuries-old medina as well as the Bardo, an archaeology museum featuring celebrated Roman mosaics in a 15th-century palace complex.

The parklike ruins of ancient Carthage can be found on the city's northern outskirts.


2. City of Alexandria
Crime Rate Index- 44.2

Egypt's Mediterranean port city is called Alexandria.

It was home to a famous library and a lighthouse that was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World during the Hellenistic era.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina, a futuristic disc-shaped building, is the library's modern incarnation.

Sand beaches, vintage cafes, and Greco-Roman sites are also found in the city.

Its seafront Qaitbay Citadel from the fifteenth century is now a museum.


1. City of Rabat
Crime Rate Index- 36.1

The Atlantic Ocean and the Bouregreg River both have shores where Rabat, the capital of Morocco is located.

It is well-known for places like the Kasbah of the Udayas that reflect its Islamic and French colonial heritage.

This royal fort from the Berber era overlooks the sea and is encircled by formal gardens created by the French.

Above a mosque's ruins rises the famous Hassan Tower, a 12th-century minaret.

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