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Ten Best Travel Agencies In Nigeria

By Rasheed Olajide Awoniyi
January 09, 2023

Due to recent events in Nigeria, there is a tremendous increase in the desire to depart the nation for better pastures. Aside from the current events, individuals leave Nigeria for a variety of reasons.

While some travel to escape Nigeria's low level of life, others go for school, jobs, leisure, marriage, tourism, and other reasons.

According to statistics, many individuals seek visas in Nigeria each year, but sadly, only a small number of them are granted at the embassy.

It is important for travellers who are embarking on a trip to a nation they have never visited to enlist the assistance of those who are knowledgeable about the tourist industry.

Therefore, working with a top travel agency that can guarantee a quick and successful visa application procedure is imperative


Below are the 10 best travel agencies in Nigeria.


10. Prelate Travel Agency

One of the top travel agency businesses in Nigeria is Prelate Travel.

The business has a track record of effectively assisting individuals to travel from Nigeria to the nation and various areas of the world within the least amount of time. It is registered with the CAC.


It was founded in 2018, and since then, it has built a solid name for itself. At the moment, they are physically located in Lagos.

Despite this, since they also function online, people from all around the country may still access and use their services.

One intriguing aspect of Prelate Travel is that they give customers all the information they want regarding visa applications and the location of the trip for which they are applying.


9. Mayfair Travel Nigeria Limited


One of the best travel agencies in Nigeria is Mayfair travel Nigeria limited. 

They provide the following services: route planning, prepaid ticket advice, facilitation of ticket refunds, airline sales promotion, frequent flyer programs, and bookings on the majority of IATA airlines operating globally.


8. Gadeshire Travels and Tours Limited

GADESHIRE TRAVELS & tours limited provides promotion of tourism; global destination management organizations; catering to local and worldwide markets; tour operations; travel and tour consultations; etc.


7. WakaNow Nigeria Limited

WakaNow Nigeria Limited was established in 2008 and is the first online travel agency (OTA).

It caters to the perceived gap and inefficiencies existent in the travel industry.


6. City Travel And Tours


City Travel Tours deals with issues related to travel, including arranging flights, vacations, cruises, and other trips as well as location and lo


5. Empire Travel Service Limited

Empire Travel Service Limited was established on May 23, 1989. It has the authority to operate as an international travel agency.

It offers services such as flight bookings, destination tour guides, hotel bookings and lots more. 


4. Rewards Travels And Tours Limited

Rewards Travels and Tours Limited remains one of the top travel agencies in Nigeria. It was incorporated on July 26, 1999. 

The agency’s head office is located in Ikeja, and it has branches in major cities in Nigeria.

Its major goal is to provide standard travel management and consultancy services.


3. Business Travel Management Limited

The GHI Assets Ltd group includes Business Travel Management Limited.

This group boasts prestigious businesses including HRG Nigeria, Rwandair, Sky Logistics, and Emirates Vacations. It was incorporated in 1998.

Business Travel Management Limited is an expert in complete travel management, corporate service, and business logistics.


2. Ambassador Travels And Tours Limited

This agency's mission is to offer consumers both basic and outstanding services while making sure they have the most enjoyable holiday at the most affordable price.

They have experts who have travelled to several nations.

1. Aeronaut Travels And Resorts Limited

The aeronaut travel agency was incorporated in 1997. It offers a wide range of travel-related services in standard ways.

This travel agency's services include booking flights, acting as tour guides, booking hotels, helping with the weather forecast and lots more. 

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