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You Are Irresponsible If You Pay Your Girlfriend’s Bills — Reno Omokri

By Dorcas Akanni
May 18, 2023

Political commentator Reno Omokri has expressed his opinion that it is the responsibility of a husband to pay his wife’s bills, but it is irresponsible for a boyfriend to do the same for his girlfriend.

In a tweet, Omokri stated that this difference in financial support can lead to women feeling that their partners were more responsible during the dating phase but have become less responsible in the present.

Omokri emphasized that any man who continues to financially support his girlfriend without taking the step to marry her is unwise and foolish.

He compared this situation to pouring water into a basket, implying that it is a futile effort.

According to Omokri, God blesses men who take care of their families, but there is no blessing for men who merely support their girlfriends.


“Paying your wife’s bills is a responsibility of a husband. Paying your girlfriend's bills is an irresponsibility of a boyfriend.

“This is why women say things like, 'he was very responsible when we were dating, but he is not responsible now'. Any man who is maintaining you as his girlfriend is not wise. He is foolish.

“He is just like a man pouring water into a basket. Why? Because God blesses men who look after their families.

“God has absolutely no blessing for any man because he looks after his girlfriend,” Omokri tweeted.


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