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Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Talented Nollywood actress and producer Ngozi Nwosu, although Igbo indigene, began her career in Yoruba films. She made her home-video debut in "Living In Bondage" and since then, has become a force to reckon in the film industry, with her perfect interpretation of roles.


Nwosu, a native of Arochukwu in Abia State, Southeastern Nigeria, was born on August 1, 1963, and grew up in Lagos. She had her primary education at St. Paul Anglican School, Idi Oro, then proceeded to Maryland Comprehensive High School, Ikeja, and concluded her high school at East Rosary High School. Her father died in during the Nigerian Civil War, while fighting on the Biafran side. In 2012, the veteran actress battled a kidney-related disease which affected her career. She eventually traveled abroad through the aid of the government and some organisations.

Nwosu had her professional acting training under the leadership of Reverend Fabian Oko at Royal Theatre Art Club School. She has won a number of awards in Yoruba movies ranging from Best Actress in Yoruba to Best Upcoming Actress in Yoruba. Nwosu also bagged awards in English movies

Acting Career

Nwosu began her acting as far back as school days when she attended acting classes, most of which were in the Yoruba language. She played "Madam V boot" in the television series, Ripples. She is attributed to being the first actress to kiss while on set with Kenneth Okonkwo in popular movie “Living In Bondage”.

While speaking on sharing the first kiss on set during an old interview with Vanguard, the veteran actress said  “When I kissed Andy (Kenneth Okonkwo), they could not believe it because then, we had not gotten the boldness we have now. So, kissing someone on set at the initial stage demanded a lot of boldness.”

Prior to her role in “Living In Bondage,” she had made name for herself in the film industry. She is also known for playing "Peace" in the popular sitcom, Fuji House of Commotion (created by Amaka Igwe), and has produced movies like “Evil Passion”, “Stainless” and the radio show, Onga. She has featured in over 50 movies.

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Ngozi Nwosu: Biography Of First Actress To Share Kiss On Set

Talented Nollywood actress and producer Ngozi Nwosu, although Igbo indigene, began her career in Yor...

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