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Chief Daddy 2: Going For Broke

PG - Comedy-Drama | January 1, 2022 Storyline:

The Beecrofts are back and this time, they have a new family member to contend with as the CEO of the late patriarch's company is bent on stopping them from getting their hands on their inheritance.

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AllNews Review
Reviewed by AllNews Nigeria - January 14, 2022

So a lot of times, I find myself mincing words on movie reviews majorly because no matter how bad a movie was, the efforts put into creating that movie should count for something and should at least be given a bit of accolade. 

This movie, however, will see no such kindness from me. Not only did it keep me angry hours after watching it, but it also poured ashes into my mouth.

I’ll start with the obvious; the story lacked an actual story. The storyline was so haphazardly placed, I can almost fully wager that my little cousin would have come up with a better story than this if I bribed him enough. It was almost as if the directors and scriptwriter didn’t watch the prequel and just came up with the script overnight. One could even argue that the dialogue was made on the spot.

I’ll go on and mention a few of the things that angered me as much as it confused me about the movie because quite sincerely I can’t even pinpoint the right adjectives to describe the emotions I felt while watching this much-hyped movie.

First, I still can’t seem to wrap my head around how Chief Daddy would have a daughter who had so much power over his company without his lawyer having even the slightest idea about it. 

I mean, for God’s sakes, a well-seasoned lawyer not knowing about the highest shareholder in her client’s company. In their haste to actually introduce Laila to us, they might have actually forgotten that a lawyer must know the ins and outs of their clients if a will is ever to be created and subsequently read.

Also, the family fights felt forced. It looked more like everyone was bored and they just couldn’t wait to leave. The family clashes and fluid drama that we somewhat enjoyed in part one was nowhere to be found in the second part. Was it an omission by accident? Amnesia? Or just plain silliness, I don’t think I’ll ever find out.

I also should add that I was worried about what went wrong with the notable beautiful sibling relationship between Ireti and Dammy. They were friends in part one, right? Or was I watching the back of my TV? And how come she didn’t apologize to him at the end for almost ruining his relationship? Or even to the family for putting their business out there for the world to see? I really need to meet the director!

I’ve seen reconciliations in this life but what in the name of all things pure was that reconciliation at the end? All of a sudden, Laila is giving a toast and a speech and they all suddenly are now best of friends? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Please, abeg!

Were the Dubai and London scenes necessary? No!

Now the most disturbing part of this movie is they tried too hard to create a story for every character and then ended up getting distracted from the main reason for the actual production of Chief Daddy 2; Laila. It was cringeworthy.

However, I can’t fail to notice the great efforts put into the cinematography. It was exquisite as it is now the norm for Ebony Studios.

The casting should also be readily applauded as the movie boasts a staggering 17 lead actors (a major feat if you ask me). So whatever the movie lacked in plot, it genuinely made up for it in casting and the obvious talents of the actors. Good job.

The locations too undoubtedly speaks luxury and the lush array of landmarks used is just plain beautiful to watch. The production quality as a whole should be given the accolade it deserves too.

Mawuli Gavor (Dammy) also stands out as a very active presence in a movie heavily populated with oversized and underwritten characters.

This film would have been more tolerable if it made us laugh more often and didn’t try too hard to bring out jokes at least appropriate times.



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