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  • Direction
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  • Screen Play 2.0
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Gunpowder Milkshake

PG - Action Thriller | July 14, 2021 Storyline:

A female assassin on a mission decides to go against directives to protect an 8-year-old girl and must team up with her estranged mother as she takes on the very organization she works for.

  • Stars: Karen Gillan
  • Directors: Navot Papus
  • Writers: Navot Papus ,Ehud Lavski
  • producer: Andrew Rona ,Alex Heineman
  • 1.6
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AllNews Review
Reviewed by Sydney Elike - July 15, 2021

Without mincing words, I would say that this is one of the worst movies of 2021. It's a waste of the ensemble cast of talented female stars who put a lot of effort into this visual garbage.

Trying to imitate John Wick and some of the most outstanding action films ever made, Gunpowder Milkshake ends up being a failure of epic proportions.

Let's start with the protagonist; a female assassin who is recruited by The Firm to kill someone who has stolen from them. For whatever reason, she hesitates before pulling the trigger only to find out that he was only going to use the cash to pay as a ransom for his kidnapped 8-year-old daughter.

From there on out, the film falls into ludicrous territory, with Sam (the name of the heroine) making the most unrealistic choices (one of which is deciding to be a mummy to the orphaned girl).

As for the girl, she doesn't even react to her dad being killed and is dry-eyed as she stares at his bloodied corpse (seriously!!??).

Another thing to note about Sam is that she has mummy issues herself (her absentee mum who is also a killer-for-hire disappeared years ago and since then poor Sam has held a grudge).

So, it only made sense when the killer mother (played by Lena Headey) suddenly reappears to lend a helping hand when Sam is hunted down by the same organization she works for after killing the son of a mob boss.

From one ridiculous action sequence to the next, everything about this film sucks big time. I feel so sorry for the lead star, Karen Gillan as I wanted this to work for her. Too bad it didn't.

The director, Navot Papushado, needs to go back to the drawing board and learn from those who have successfully helmed action movies because Gunpowder Milkshake is just plain terrible from start to finish. 

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