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I Am Nazzy

PG - Rom-Com | April 1, 2022 Storyline:

A fast-rising music artist’s picture-perfect life suddenly goes haywire when she accidentally switches places with a doppelganger. All attempts to prove her identity are futile, and she is subjected to a whole new life without the glitz and glamour. Will she lose herself or embark on a journey of self-discovery?

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AllNews Review
Reviewed by Damilare Odunayo - April 7, 2022

Movies in the cinema these days are filled with both standard and substandard movies. The fear of many cinema goers revolves around whether or not they get value for their money or they come home with drooping heads and a familiar distaste in their souls. 

A lot of times, you go to the cinema not sure if the movie will blow your mind or leave you angry. 

With this in mind, I matched on to the cinema to either meet euphoria or distaste like old friends.

‘I am Nazzy’ is the story of a female superstar, Lady, who isn’t comfortable with the celebrity life and all the scandals and expectations that come with it.

She decides to visit a therapist, and there, she is advised to take a break from all the troubles and expectations of celebrity life. Unfortunately, her manager isn’t going to have any of that. 

Coincidentally, Lady meets her look-alike, Nazzy, in the bathroom, and although they are both shocked to see how much they look alike, it seems like a perfect opportunity for Lady to execute her plan. 

She makes a deal with Nazzy to swap identities for 24 hours so that she can have the break that she so wishes.

It seems like a welcome idea to Nazzy who had also always wanted to have a feel of the celebrity life; something around the premise of 'The Princess And The Pauper'.

So, the two ladies switch roles, and this becomes the genesis of our tale.

For one, ‘I am Nazzy’ started on a high note as the first scenes were captivating enough. The storyline isn’t a bad one at all. It could hold the audience from the beginning to the end of the movie to a certain extent.

I cannot say the same about the directing because it seems like the director still has a lot of things to learn. 

There are so many unbelievable things in the film that would make you ask if the filmmaker thinks we are too unintelligent to notice. Well, we saw them all. 

To mention a few, with that kind of remarkable difference, how did only the driver and close friend know the girls swapped? Even Naza’s mother didn’t know she wasn’t living with her own daughter? 

The editor of the film sure has a long way to go in mastering his skill. Nollywood has grown beyond an actor playing different roles staying far from each other. We have seen these characters hug in other films, so it was shocking to see that Lady and Naza barely stood in close proximity throughout the movie. 

One thing the director did get right with ‘I am Nazzy’ is the selection of characters. The acting is excellent, and if not anything, it will keep you glued to the screen till the end of the movie. 

Chinonso Arubayi is effortlessly a beautiful actress, and seeing her play those two characters so well is applaudable. 

Jide Kene and Jimi Odukoya also did great. Ada Jesus also deserves an accolade, and of course, IK Ogbonna knows how to hold his characters well. 

Chioma Nwosu is always a delight to watch, and thanks to Buchi the Comedian for giving us the light tone in the movie.

The wardrobe and makeup should also not be left out of commendation as I couldn't exactly point to a scene where they missed it.

Location sourcing did their jobs with premium capabilities as it was refreshing to see the length the Nigerian movie would go to actualise their plans.

Regardless of the flaws in ‘I am Nazzy’, it isn’t so much of a bad watch, and for ratings, it will get a 6/10.

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