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PG - Action | June 10, 2021 Storyline:

A man must unlock his hidden memories when he finds out that he is an infinite; someone who reincarnates over several lifetimes. He is pursued by a sinister adversary who wants to end the world as we all know it.

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Reviewed by Sydney Elike - June 11, 2021

Antoine Fuqua's action film starts fairly well but plummets into mediocre territory with cheesy dialogue, lack of character development, and a forgettable plot.

Starring Mark Wahlberg (looking buff as usual), Inifinite centers on a man who discovers that he has lived many lives before after a run-in with the law reunites him with an old foe (a fearsome-looking Chiwetel Ejiofor) he can't remember.

Evan (Wahlberg) gets help from a fellow infinite, Nora (Sophie Cookson) and together they must find the location of a capsule with the power to destroy the world before it ends up in the wrong hands.

As if the storyline isn't predictable enough, the exposition loses steam midway and even Ejiofor's commendable performance can't save the movie from its downward plunge.

Without giving away too much away, let me say that the whole concept of the infinites and their evil counterparts is just too cheesy. You have the reluctant hero who doesn't know who he is but at some point, you know he will regain his memories and save the day. When you know the end from the beginning, the journey just ends up being boring.

Director Fuqua has an impressive record when it comes to making interesting action films but here he falls short of expectations. The fight scenes fluctuate; they toe the line between great and lackluster.

The special effects are not bad, the acting is okay. Wahlberg does what he does best, Ejiofor as the creepy bad guy with an even more creepy beard is charismatically evil, but the other cast members leave a lot to be desired.

Then I had an issue with the tall girl who was a bodyguard (or whatever the heck she was) to Bathurst (Ejiofor). She was practically useless for the length of the film. When she has a confrontation with Nora, her demise is as inconsequential as her existence.

I daresay the best part of the movie is the opening car chase sequence (look out for a cameo appearance from a talented upcoming movie star). It had this Fast & Furious vibe that just gets you hooked to the screen.

Infinite has the potential to spawn a franchise but with Fuqua's interpretation, I doubt plans for subsequent sequels might be shelved. Wahlberg and Ejiofor make for an intriguing pair but their combo isn't enough to make this movie fail before it succeeds.

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