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Malcolm & Marie

PG - Drama | February 5, 2021 Storyline:

A movie director and his girlfriend have a major fight on the biggest night of his life. During the course of the rift, secrets are bared and issues they never knew existed surface.

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Reviewed by Sydney Elike - March 31, 2021

Sam Levinson's film is engaging at first but loses steam just past the halfway mark, leaving the viewer bored in a never-ending cycle of the same issues.

John David Washington is Malcolm, a filmmaker, whose girlfriend Marie (Zendaya) seems upset after what he sees as the biggest night of his life.

After returning from the premiere of his movie, Malcolm is ecstatic and can't stop talking about the night's affair. He notices Marie wears a glum look and after probing, she finally begins to unearth some issues that lead to arguments and an unending quarrel.

I was eager to see how the director would sustain the interest of the viewer with just two actors and for the first few minutes of the movie, I was entertained.

The dialogue was okay and they both seemed to talk like normal folks would, that is until they became caught in a predictable and boring repeat of talking about annoying stuff.

First of all, the characters are well-written. JD's acting is impressive (one would expect nothing less from the son of Denzel Washington). Even Zendaya (who I never knew had such range) didn't disappoint. What put me off was the endless cycle of arguments and make-out sessions.

When I realized that was what was in store for the viewer for the entirety of the film, I became pissed off. Zendaya is a good actress but her character is so annoying.

Just when you think the arguments are over and they have both settled, she brings up yet another reason to keep fighting. You couldn't even put a finger on what exactly she wanted from her boyfriend as she kept saying a whole load of trash.

This is not to say Malcolm was without his flaws. The difference is that he is more tolerable. I understand what the director was going for but in my opinion, he failed to hit his mark as this movie ends up becoming entrapped in what was supposed to lift it beyond mediocrity.

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