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PG - Action,Sci-fi | April 1, 2022 Storyline:

Michael Morbius is a doctor desperate to find a cure for his affliction. Throwing caution to the wind, he splices the genes of vampire bats and creates a solution that changes him forever, enhancing his physical abilities. But with the good comes the bad as he develops a craving for human blood.

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AllNews Review
Reviewed by Sydney Elike - April 2, 2022

At the risk of being bashed, I daresay Morbius is a genuinely entertaining film that has been grossly misunderstood or is deliberately being slammed by naysayers.

Jared Leto brings the Marvel Comics vampire legend to life as Daniel Espinosa takes the reins as director in a film that should please comic book fans who see it without unrealistic expectations.

Tapping from its source material, this has a pretty generic plot; a sick genius develops a cure for his ailment and becomes an enhanced being. However, his gift comes with a curse and as he races against time to try to stop himself from becoming a monster, the cops close in on his trail.

My advice to movie fans is simply this; do not mind the harsh reviews, just try and see this for yourself and you might be pleasantly surprised as I was.

For the first time (as far as I know), the vampire action is portrayed in a different way and this is obviously why a lot of naysayers are saying the action sucks. I disagree as I enjoyed the fight scenes and the special effects.

As the eponymous character, Jared Leto is compelling enough to convince you he is the conflicted hero. His role here doesn't require the method acting he is famous for but he still delivers in his performance as the fanged doctor.

Matt Smith is simply deliciously devilish as the antagonist; he is the opposite of Morbius and at some point, he almost outshines the lead star.

Apart from Adria Arjona who plays Morbuis' love interest, the supporting characters are rather insignificant and seem to be just there for little or no reason.

The musical score matches the film perfectly and the I can't remember a dull moment.

Perhaps the most noticeable downside of this film is the fact that (spoiler alert!!) there was only a scene or two where blood is shown. 

This is a vampire movie for Godssake! Why would you make it PG-13? I assume it's to make it appealing to a wider audience but in so doing, the director robs it of one of its most fundamental aspects.

Other than the above and the totally predictable plot, occasioned by some subpar acting by a few characters, Morbius is well worth the watch.


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