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Where to watch :

Naked Singularity

PG - Comedy-Drama | August 13, 2021 Storyline:

Based on the novel of the same name, this film sees a New York City public defender decide to stage a daring robbery after being burned out of the justice system.

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AllNews Review
Reviewed by Sydney Elike - August 15, 2021

Chase Palmer's dark comedy has its moments but ends up being underwhelming even though lead star John Boyega is fun to watch.

Boyega plays Casi, a burned-out lawyer who accepts a proposition from his friend (Bill Skarsgard) to rob a Mexican cartel and finally have the means to make something of their mundane lives.

Casi and Dane's robbery plan also involves getting Lea (Olivia Cooke) from the clutches of the bad guys as she is neck-deep in something she doesn't want to be in.

As is expected, the plan doesn't go according to plan and along the way, everyone involved has to improvise, leading to a chaotic but satisfying ending for the good guys.

The above pretty much sums up the movie. The plot was a bit confusing at times and I couldn't get where the dialogue of some of the characters was heading.

As a fan of John Boyega, I have looked forward to him flexing his acting muscles and thought this might be it but that is not the case here as he is limited by a script that switches between realistic events, bizarre comedy, and mumbo jumbo science talk.

Bill Skarsgard and Olivia Cooke make good work of being memorable supporting characters but the viewer forgets about them once the end credits begin rolling in.

I sat through the film because I was eager to see how it would end. Having done that, I would say Naked Singularity is one of those films that attempt to soar beyond a mediocre script. While it fails to do that, it still manages to make for a pretty decent watch.


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