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Spider-Man: No Way Home

PG - Action,Comedy,Sci-fi | December 17, 2021 Storyline:

The web-slinging superhero faces his toughest test yet when a botched spell opens up the multiverse and leads to supervillains showing up to take their pound of flesh.

While fighting to right the wrong with the help of Doctor Strange, Spider-Man/Peter Parker must learn what it truly means to be a hero and ultimately embrace his destiny.

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Reviewed by Sydney Elike - December 22, 2021

For me, this was the most anticipated film of 2021 and it was unfortunate that I didn't get to see it on time. Now, that I have, I would say that it wasn't the superhero bits that impressed me the most but the gut-wrenching drama.

There is no need to delve into the multiple fan theories and speculations. Marvel fans who haven't seen the movie but who have filled their heads with all sorts of stuff about what happens in the film only have to know that they will see both what they expect and what they never bargained for.

Tom Holland gives what is without a doubt his most powerful performance as Spidey. For the first 30 minutes or so, we see the normal, cheerful, and carefree dude but as the plot goes into darker territory, the protagonist goes through some of his worst experiences yet and the impact is both cathartic and reality-altering (pun intended!).

As many expect, things really get interesting when the villains from other universes show up; Alfred Molina and Willem Dafoe as Doc Ock and Green Goblin particularly impressed me. Having seen all the other Spider-Man movies, I was really pumped to witness their cinematic return.

Before now, Zendaya and Jacob Batalon as MJ and Ned weren't really given much to do other than be Peter Parker's friends. Here, their roles become more important and their acting rises spectacularly to the occasion. 

The plot is a work of genius and I daresay that this is both the funniest and darkest Marvel movie yet. Every funny line seems to have significance and the humour doesn't ever feel out of place.

The action is the only thing that didn't really live up to my expectations. But that is not to say that it wasn't good (I think my favourite action sequence was the mirror dimension fight).

As for the special effects, they do not disappoint (this is a Marvel movie, why would they?). Doctor Strange doing his magic stuff added to the overall visual appeal.

The third act resonated so well with me and the drama was so touching that I almost teared up at some point. I commend the director Jon Watts for his homage to all other Spider-man films (you only have to see this film to understand that!).

Many reviews are hailing Spider-Man: No Way Home as the best Marvel movie. I disagree with that. In my opinion, it isn't the best but it definitely ranks up there as one of the best. 

As a Marvel fan and a superhero geek, I really enjoyed this one. 


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