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Sweet Girl

PG - Action Drama | August 20, 2021 Storyline:

After the death of his wife, a man who is out for justice must fight to stay alive with his daughter while bent on exposing a big pharmaceutical company.

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AllNews Review
Reviewed by Sydney Elike - August 21, 2021

Brian Andrew Mendoza's film started out as something promising but unfortunately ends up a lackluster movie that fails when the plot takes on a most unrealistic turn.

The imposing Jason Momoa is Ray Cooper, a man who lost his wife to cancer. The drugs they were promised were taken off the market just when she needed them the most and after her demise, Ray vows to get vengeance on the pharmaceutical company responsible.

Along with his teenage daughter (played by Isabela Merced), Ray has to go on the run after a journalist looking into the shady deals made by the pharmaceutical company is killed while divulging some secrets to him.

Father and daughter have to hone their survival skills in their race for dear life, with the former determined to bring down the corrupt boss of the company once and for all.

Though he hasn't fledged his acting skills well enough, I always enjoy watching Jason Momoa perform. There is a scene where his character is overcome by grief while watching his beloved wife die slowly. It is unarguably the most touching and dramatic scene in the entire film. I was impressed by the actor's potential to carry on the emotional tone from there but after the death of his wife, the plot becomes a muddled affair with numerous plotholes.

In the final act, a major twist ruins the entire story and brings up loads of unanswered questions that remain so until the film reaches its conclusion.

The action pales in comparison to how it should be and Momoa's character keeps making one stupid decision after another. As his daughter, the actress Isabela Merced has her moments but ultimately leaves the viewer wanting more (one moment she is complaining, and the next she is all for the plan).

When Sweet Girl reaches its finale, it ends up being so anti-climatic that I didn't even care whether or not one of the major characters lived or died.

This film had something going for it but it was ruined by an unwise decision by whoever penned the script to inject a twist that wasn't needed.

In the end, there is nothing sweet about Sweet Girl. It just leaves a sour taste.


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