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  • Dialogue 2.0
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The Tomorrow War

PG - Sci-fi, | July 2, 2021 Storyline:

A biology teacher is selected among those who must fight a war against vicious aliens several decades in the future. Their goal is to stop the seemingly inevitable annihilation of the entire human population by the invaders. 

  • Stars: Chris Pratt
  • Directors: Chris McKay
  • Writers: Zach Dean
  • producer: David Ellison ,David S. Goyer ,Dana Goldberg
  • 2.8
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AllNews Review
Reviewed by Sydney Elike - July 4, 2021

The Tomorrow War starts as a movie desperately trying to make the viewer like it but ends as a pulse-pounding and entertaining joyride filled with touching moments and a never-ending visual spectacle.

It is directed by Chris McKay and stars Chris Pratt who is a husband and father who finds himself forcefully conscripted to fight for the survival of the human race.

The plot is basically the same as almost every sci-fi movie we have seen about aliens but what sets this film apart is the humanity and the battle to change the fate of a doomed race.

I was happy that the aliens were introduced on time and are they vicious and ugly! They are all out to extinguish the human race and nothing will stand in their way.

As the hero, Pratt's character doesn't make the kind of impression you expect in the early goings but as the movie progresses, he develops into the kind of guy you root for.

He meets a future version of someone close to him in the future war and together they find a weapon that could change the course of the fight for humanity.

Those who love action will get a load of it here; the spectacle is glorious and the battle scenes are well executed. My only complaint is the lack of gore for a movie that has a lot of onscreen carnage.

For the most part, the humour doesn't really cut it as a lot of the jokes fall flat and are unnecessary. In terms of the acting, Yvonne Strahovski excels above everyone else. She plays her role with the emotion needed and the performance is a winning one.

J. K. Simmons plays the stereotypically estranged father and grandfather but the actor leaves quite the impression as well. He had to bulk up for the part and it was good to see.

Most of the supporting characters end up being hollow apart from Edwin Hodge's Dorian who goes out with a bang in the final act.

In all, The Tomorrow War is an epic action science-fiction film that works as a result of the family dynamic added to it. More than just the compelling action, it is a reminder of why we fight our battles and those we fight for.


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