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Thor: Love And Thunder

PG - Action,Adventure,Superhero | July 8, 2022 Storyline:

Thor alongside his buddies Valkyrie and Korg reunites with former girlfriend Jane (who has become the Mighty Thor) to stop a powerful foe known as Gorr, who has made it his mission to annihilate all gods.

Along the way, the hammer-wielding Asgardian wrestles to keep his emotions in check to stay focused enough to defeat an unstoppable antagonist.

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AllNews Review
Reviewed by Sydney Elike - July 9, 2022

Finally, the fourth chapter of Thor Odinson is here. While it certainly isn't as spectacular as netizens are making it out to be, those who loved Ragnarok will have a total blast with this one.

Director Taika Waititi is one crazy and creative dude; his comic genius is all over the place yet again. He employs the wacky comic element that most fans loved about the previous film and takes it up a notch here.

Thor: Love and Thunder will make you fall in love with its heroes, laugh at its almost endless humour, almost tear up when it gets emotional and cheer after its awe-inspiring second end-credits scene.

But while it has all the above, it somehow fails to ascend to the heights that I expected it to due to a somewhat lacklustre beginning, disappointing fight scenes in the first battle sequence, and some unexplained plot details.

I am a fan of both Marvel and DC Comics and Thor as a character is my favourite from the former brand. For me, no other actor embodies the superhero like its lead star Chris Hemsworth.

Talking about Hemsworth, the dude's amazing body is something to behold (fans are no doubt looking forward to that infamous Zeus strip scene).

Every gigantic muscle and the insanely buffed-up physique is a testament to the hard work the actor put in to go beyond how big he was in Ragnarok.

But more than the physical, Hemsworth as Thor once again drives this movie; as the hero, he has never been more conflicted, more vulnerable, and more lovable.

Despite the jokes that often come out of his mouth (the character has become a comedian apparently), I was glad to see that his fiery temper and rash nature shined through yet again. It is the last two that make him imperfect.

Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie is adorable and badass when she fights but I was disappointed that she wasn't fully utilised as I expected. 

Taika Waititi's Korg is just there to mostly provide the comic relief as usual. While that is acceptable, I hoped to see him be more than just the funny guy.

As Jane Foster/Mighty Thor, Natalie Portman is one of the best things in this film. She easily blew away whatever doubts I had that she would make a compelling fighter besides Thor.

At a time in her life when she needed something to make her feel alive, the hero's former lover becomes so much more than his sidekick, eventually stealing the spotlight in the final battle scene.

The antagonist Gorr is one scary and powerful dude made believable and layered by Christian Bale's remarkable acting.

When I first saw him in the trailers, I asked myself what a guy with a sword could do to harm Thor and his formidable allies. The first fight he had with them made me see him in a totally different light.

There is some major character development with Thor and Jane here, and that makes the plot far better than the previous Thor movies.

The action in the second and third acts is a major improvement from that of the first, with Waititi sparing no expense in delivering some of the best set pieces ever seen in the MCU.

In terms of visuals, Thor: Love and Thunder delivers and while it certainly ranks as the best of the Thor films, it doesn't climb to the lofty heights I thought it would.

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