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PG - Action,Adventure | February 11, 2022 Storyline:

Based on the popular video game franchise, this film sees a young Nathan Drake join Victor 'Sully' Sullivan on an adventure to locate the greatest treasure never found.

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Reviewed by Sydney Elike - February 12, 2022

Adapting a video game to the big screen has always been a tricky task. Most of the ones before have failed to meet up with the lofty expectations of fans so I went into the cinema with a little bit of skepticism for this one.

Spider-Man star Tom Holland stars as a younger version of Nathan Drake who is approached by Sully (Mark Wahlberg) to assist him to find some treasure that may lead to the former's long-lost brother.

The duo is joined by Chloe Frazer (Sophia Ali) who constantly walks the line between friend and foe. Also hunting for the treasure is the ruthless Santiago Moncada (Antonio Banderas) who is bent on restoring glory to his family name.

As Nathan and Sully begin the quest that sees them journey to exotic locations around the world, the cat-and-mouse game turns deadly, and the inevitable betrayals that ensue test their fragile bond.

Uncharted is full of the expected cliches and cheesy one-liners for the first half of its runtime but Holland and Wahlberg's great chemistry more than make up for that.

Holland is perfect as Nathan Drake; his charm, charisma, and daredevil persona is quite the contrast from his Peter Parker role but there were times I felt like I was watching his MCU character.

Wahlberg plays the reluctant mentor part quite well. He has been appearing in action films for a long time but doesn't eclipse his younger co-star as both of them shine in the lead roles.

Banderas doesn't bring anything special in the antagonist area and I was pleasantly surprised when it was revealed that he was only the secondary villain.

The dialogue is interesting (the never-ending quips and banter between the hero and Sully is fun), the cinematography is pretty cool (especially in the action scenes), and the direction while not sublime, is far beyond mediocre.

I was disappointed by the fight scenes early on until they became glorious and epic in the third act, featuring one breathtaking sequence after another; a good homage to what we have seen in the source material.

If I had to summarize Uncharted in one sentence, it would be this; Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg kick ass and make this film more fun than expected with their bromance.


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