Enugu state
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Enugu State Map - Local Government areas

  • Date Created April 24, 2021
  • Capital Awgu
  • LGA Chairman Stanley Okeke
  • Land Area
  • Population 390,681 (2006 Census)
  • GDP

History of Awgu Local Government  Area, Enugu State

This present Awgu LGA was created out of the Awgu Local government area which included Aninri and Oji river local government areas. A few areas are densely populated while many other areas are practically uninhabitable. The major economic activity for the majority of the population is subsistence farming and crops such as cassava, yam, cocoyam, vegetables, maize, and so on.

The major market here is the Oye market. People from Nkanu and Enugu town also patronize the traders in this market especially for cassava and vegetables.It is home to a great number of hills (Enugu should be known as “the hilly state,” instead of “the coal city state.” The oldest NYSC camp in Nigeria can be found on one of these hills. If you ever find yourself here, you would see bunkers used by Biafran soldiers that serve as a reminder of the Nigerian civil war.