Enugu state
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Enugu State Map - Local Government areas

  • Date Created April 24, 2021
  • Capital Enugu-Ezike
  • LGA Chairman
  • Land Area 293 km2 (113 sq mi)
  • Population 259,431 (2006 Census)
  • GDP

Igbo Eze North Town/City Expand

Igbo Eze North Local Government -  Location, Fact & Population 

It borders Kogi state and Benue state. Its headquarters are in the town of Enugu-Ezike and Benue state. Igbo Eze North is made up of two towns. They are Enugu Ezike and Etteh. The Igbo language is the most widely used language in Igbo Eze North local government area. However, the Idoma language and the Igala language are common among the minority tribes.

It has deposits of iron ore, laterite and silica sand