Enugu state
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Enugu State Map - Local Government areas

  • Date Created April 24, 2021
  • Capital Oji River
  • LGA Chairman Harrison Okeke
  • Land Area 403 km2 (156 sq mi)
  • Population 126,587 ( 2006 Census)
  • GDP

History of Oji River Local Government  Area, Enugu State

This is an area that borders Anambra state and Abia state. The Oji River thermal power station in Oji River is one of the small satellite power stations built in the South-East of Nigeria before Independence of 1960 and the commissioning of the large National Hydroelectricity power station in Kaniji Dam/Jebba Dam. Oji River town has one of the largest and oldest running leprosy rehabilitation settlements in the south-east, bordering Anambra state. Most people from Oji River are Christians while the rest practice local beliefs