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Enugu State Map - Local Government areas

  • Date Created April 24, 2021
  • Capital Obollo-Afor
  • LGA Chairman Francis Ugwu
  • Land Area 248 km2 (96 sq mi)
  • Population 178,466 (2006 Census)
  • GDP

History of Udenu Local Government  Area, Enugu State

This shares a boundary with the Nsukka local government. Its headquarters are in the town of Obollo-Afor on the A3 highway. It has three development centers and about twenty five autonomous communities. The development centres include: Udenu, Udunedem and Orba Development centres. During the Onwa Asaa festival, the Akatakpa masquerades terrorized people with long whips in the evening in Ogbodu-Aba but these masquerades were banned in June 2019. Until you’ve been whipped by one, you wouldn’t understand.