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Enugu State Map - Local Government areas

  • Date Created April 24, 2021
  • Capital City of Udi
  • LGA Chairman Nestor Ochin
  • Land Area 897 km2 (346 sq mi)
  • Population 234,002 (2006 Census)
  • GDP

History of Udi Local Government  Area, Enugu State

Headquarters are located in a city of Udi on the A232 highway, specifically in the valley part of many hills in Udi. It is known for its hilly type of topography. Like its fellow area, Udi is home to the famous Nsude pyramids. The pyramids have been gone for a long time but Udi still hides other amazing places waiting for you to discover. For instance, there is the Ngwo Pine forest and Ngwo Waterfall (another one!). The popular Awhum waterfall and Awhum monastery are also located here