2023 Elections: Mr Macaroni Preaches Against Vote-Buying In New Skit

Lately, Mr. Macaroni has taken it upon himself to educate the public against receiving monetary gifts from electoral candidates in exchange for votes during elections in his skits.

He has done that again with his new skit titled 'Mr Macaroni Vs The Okada Rider' which was released on his YouTube page on Saturday.

In the skit, Mr Macaroni, who plays the role of a politician, goes to Okada riders with his crew under the pretext of identifying with them as a campaign strategy so he can get their votes in an upcoming election.

He instructs his cameraman to film him while giving the okada riders money and riding on the bike because it is necessary to show the public that he empathises with citizens at the grassroots.

While riding, his bike rams into a pothole that has been neglected by the government and fell.

He is also robbed when the okada rider abandon him.

At the end of the skit, Mr. Macaroni was seen educating the Okada riders against accepting money from politicians as the 2023 general elections is nearing.

He asked them, instead, to vote for their best candidate.


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