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After El Salvador, Paraguay Hints At Bitcoin Adoption

After El Salvador, Paraguay Hints At Bitcoin Adoption

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It appears Bitcoin adaptation is taking a new leap as Paraguay’s Deputy of the Nation has stated that the country is about to start working on an “important project” involving Bitcoin and PayPal.

Congressman Carlitos Rejala made the announcement via a tweet where he stated that they will make an important statement about Paraguay this week in the following statement:

“As I have said for a long time, our country needs to move on with the new generation. The time has come, it's our time. This week we are starting an important project that will introduce Paraguay to the world in a new way. We are really going to the Moon”.

“To the moon” is one of crypto’s favorite catchphrases, used to refer to the stratospheric price appreciation of crypto assets. Rejala Herman also posted a photo of himself partaking in the “laser eyes” trend, a Twitter-based meme that caught on earlier this year as the crypto community began calling for BTC to hit $100,000. Posting a laser eyes photo is seen as an endorsement of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Rejala is one of two MPs in the House of Deputies – the Paraguayan lower chamber – for the opposition Hagamos Party. The house is dominated by the ruling Colorado Party, which has 42 of the 80 seats available. Hagamos does have a louder voice in the Senate, however, where it has two of 45 seats.

Back in El Salvador, interest in BTC has surged since the news broke that its president wants to make Bitcoin a legal tender, per Google Trends data.

As of report time, bitcoin's price was holding steady above $36,000


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