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  • Updated: June 10, 2021

AGN: Lagos Chapter Chairman Pledges New Secretariat For The Guild

AGN: Lagos Chapter Chairman Pledges New Secretariat For The

AGN Lagos Chapter Chairman Emeka Rising Ibeh | AllNews.ng

The newly sworn-in Chairman of the Lagos state chapter of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Emeka Rising Ibeh, has promised to provide a new secretariat for the guild following his resumption of office.

Ibeh gave the pledge on Wednesday at the swearing-in ceremony of the new executive members of the Lagos state chapter of the guild while chatting with AllNews Nigeria.

He said, "First of all, we have been sworn in today. We will have a general meeting to officially intimate the AGN Lagos state chapter members about our latest plans to take AGN to the next level.

"We will also inform them about our aims and objectives, such as making sure that we get a secretariat for the guild, and making sure that we operate from an office. 

AGN Lagos Chapter Chairman Emeka Rising Ibeh | AllNews.ngAGN Lagos Chapter Chairman Emeka Rising Ibeh | AllNews.ng

"I depend on the constitution... I will make sure we also engage our members about sourcing funds to create in-house movie productions. I am tired of hearing people say what is the AGN up to?

"This time, I want to make them know that there is no hindrance stopping AGN, especially Lagos state chapter, from providing jobs for its members. I supposedly believe that this is the main reason why they are registered with the guild.

"They expect to be seen on the screen. They expect to at least discharge their duties as actors and also showcase their talent. And I assure you that will come to pass."

Baring his thoughts on the newly-elected Chairman of the Lagos state chapter of the guild and the direction of the union, AGN president Chief Emeka Rollas stated: "Well, the Lagos state AGN excos have just been sworn in.

"I think they will take the bull by the horns and work. I just need to see the result of what they're doing. If they key into the vision we have at the national level, everything will begin to work for them.

"The way I see them, I think they're going to do well."

While addressing industry creatives during the event, Emeka Rising Ibeh assured them that the guild's motto, 'The show must go on'. would be actualized.

All the national executive members of the AGN were present at the swearing-in, with the president and vice president Chief Femi Branch commending the efforts of members.

Below is the full speech delivered by Branch at the event:

"The Chairman Board of Trustees, Actors Guild of Nigeria, Prince Ifeanyi Dike,
My National President and Fearless Leader of this great revolution, a testimony of which we all bear witness to today, Chief Emeka Rollas Ejezie
The freshly minted Chairman of AGN Lagos and my new Chief Lieutenant in the Southwest battalion of this creative army called the Actors Guild of Nigeria; Chief Omaka Rising Ibeh
The outgoing and able Chairman of the AGN Lagos Caretaker Committee: Mr. Kent Sele
The Chairman of the Lagos State Chapter Actors Guild of Nigeria Electoral Committee AGNEC, Mr. Seyi Copperfield THE DON
All Members of the newly sworn-in AGN Lagos Exco, all highly esteemed Members here present, and our beloved Gentlemen and Ladies of the 4th Realm, The Press
I welcome you all.

"My joy knows no bounds today as I have been privileged not only to witness but also to be a part of the birthing of a new dawn in our noble and beloved Guild.

"Ever since I took the decision to join the team of our visionary leader and President Chief Emeka Rollas to restore our Guild to its rightful place as the Mother Guild of the Nigerian creative enterprise, I have had no regrets whatsoever.

"The journey has not been a smooth one but truth be told, we never expected it to be. You can say we came prepared and with God solidly behind our every step, and with the unprecedented support of our Elders, A-list practitioners, sister guilds, and indeed our teeming members, I think I can say that we will fulfill our mission.

"I must thank Mr. President for tirelessly impressing on our members, especially the senior ones, the need to come together to build a Guild we can all be proud of. Indeed, thanks to his efforts, the era of disinterest and nonchalance regarding the affairs of the Guild by Actors is fast becoming a thing of the past.
"I will not talk much about the much dreaded AGN Lagos elections, as you can see, Lagos has spoken for herself for, despite all the premonitions, threats, and nay-saying, AGN Lagos has just successfully schooled the entire Nation on how to hold a free and fair election.

"At this point, I must thank the Lagos State AGNEC for a job well done, maybe we need to second you guys to INEC for the forthcoming Elections.
I also wish to thank the erstwhile administration of the past Chairman Miss Moji Oyetayo for running the Guild to the best of their abilities.

"It is not easy running anything in the middle of a global pandemic but in spite of such daunting challenges, they still kept this house strong and running.

"I thank also the Caretaker Committee under the Chairmanship of Mr. Kent Sele for coming in at a turbulent time in the State and becoming the calm within the storm. God bless you guys.

"To the incoming Exco, I first congratulate you on being a part of history. You ran a good race and God blessed it with victory. Now it is time to build.

"Mr. Chairman, your first order of business should be reuniting all existing factions within the State. I advise you to follow the steps of Mr. President and reach out to all parties to come back home.

"There is no progress in division for even the good book says, a house divided against itself, will not stand. You are now father and servant to all. Right now you have no enemies, only partners in progress.

"Set this as your foundation and trust me, the building would rise faster than you can imagine.  I wish to thank all our members serving on different committees to move the Guild to the next level, by the grace of God, you will not labor in vain. 

"I thank Mr. President for his visionary leadership and pray that the God he trusts in will not leave him along the way. I wish to also thank our Highly Esteemed Board of Trustees under the Chairmanship of Prince Ifeanyi Dike, your responsive and supportive attitude has been the bedrock of this Guild and we love, thank, and appreciate you for that.

"We will not lose any of you suddenly in Jesus' name. Finally, let me thank all my amazing and fantabulous AGN Members in Lagos State. Honestly, you guys are SUPERSTARS!

"The way you conducted yourselves during this past election has made you model members of this Guild which other Chapters need to emulate. You guys are one in a million and I bless God that you are part of my Southwest family. God bless you one and all."

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