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  • Updated: June 25, 2023

Airtel's Pledge Of Universality To Nigerians Based On 5G Rollout

Airtel's Pledge Of Universality To Nigerians Based On 5G Rol

Airtel's 5G Rollout

AIRTEL Nigeria recently commenced operations on its 5G network in Nigeria, initially covering four states: Lagos, Ogun, Rivers State, and the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Abuja.

During a briefing in Lagos to announce the launch, the telecommunications company revealed its strategic plans to extend the service to every corner of the country, aiming to simplify life for Nigerians. The CEO of Airtel Nigeria, Carl Cruz, emphasized that 5G technology will bring about a revolutionary change in various aspects of life, making it evident that life is on the verge of becoming more convenient, effortless, and captivating for numerous individuals in Nigeria.

He said: “While we may think that fourth-generation network, 4G, is a remarkable platform or improvement on our internet experience, 5G is completely a new experience that everything and anything is indeed possible.

“For instance, with 5G, end-to-end video playbacks with the support of artificial intelligence, AI is now possible even if you are using your own browser.

“So 5G is definitely a completely new experience with anything you want to do, whether it is self-driving cars or virtual reality and indeed so much more. So, with 5G, we can only be limited by the limit of our imagination

“With 5G today, it is more achievable to empower creatives and entrepreneurs in such areas as healthcare, fashion, retail communications and media to bring more to stakeholders’ inventions and ideas.

“It offers a new era of collaboration and presents a new way of economic benefits for this generation. We are going to see the young people all over the country witness growth, establish and unleash revolution in creativity and productivity.

“Users who go on our 5G platform, through enabled devices such as Samsung, iPhone or any of the brands, can experience the speed and robustness of 5G.”

Cruz noted: “The dream that we actualize today has been made possible with the incredible support of our partners.

“Also because of the insistence of the leadership of the Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy and the Nigerian Communications Commission NCC, that it is time for this wonderful country of ours to be the vanguard of digital communication, so I must say a special thank you to them.”

Also speaking, Airtel Chief Operations Officer, COO, Femi Oshinlaja said Airtel has come to democratize access to 5G.


Typically, Airtel's pledge of universality to Nigerians based on its 5G rollout implies that Airtel, as a telecommunications giant, is a commitment to providing wide access to Nigerians through the implementation of 5G technology. 

Clarity of the Pledge: The statement highlights Airtel's intention to ensure universality, indicating that their goal is to extend access to all Nigerians. However, it does not elaborate on what "universality" entails or how Airtel plans to achieve it. Providing more specific details about the extent of coverage and strategies for reaching underserved areas would enhance the clarity of the pledge.

Impact of 5G Rollout: The statement emphasizes that the pledge is based on the rollout of 5G technology. It is essential to evaluate the potential impact of 5G on connectivity and its ability to bridge the digital divide in Nigeria. Consideration should be given to factors such as network infrastructure, affordability, and device accessibility to ensure that 5G can effectively deliver universal connectivity.


Elaborate on Universality: Airtel should provide a detailed explanation of what they mean by "universality" and outline specific targets for extending connectivity to underserved areas. This could include rural communities, remote regions, or economically disadvantaged populations. Clear goals will enable stakeholders to assess the effectiveness of Airtel's efforts.

Address Infrastructure Challenges: Airtel should address the infrastructure challenges that may hinder the successful rollout of 5G. This involves investing in network expansion, upgrading existing infrastructure, and collaborating with regulatory bodies and local communities to overcome potential barriers.

Promote Affordability: Airtel should consider affordability as a key factor in achieving universality. Implementing pricing strategies, offering affordable data plans, and partnering with government initiatives or development organizations can help make 5G services accessible to a wider range of Nigerians.


In conclusion, Airtel's pledge to provide universality to Nigerians through the 5G rollout holds the potential for a significant positive impact. However, to ensure the effectiveness of their efforts, Airtel should provide a more detailed explanation of their universality goals, address infrastructure challenges, and prioritize affordability. By doing so, Airtel can contribute to bridging the digital divide and improving connectivity for all Nigerians.

Oshinlaja said: “One thing about our 5G is that we have made access to it affordable. Nigerians can get the most affordable router in Nigeria.”

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