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  • Updated: May 10, 2023

Apple: An Astonishing Tale Of Smart Watches

Apple: An Astonishing Tale Of Smart Watches

Apple Smartwatches PHOTO CREDIT: WIRED

Apple has been using its smartwatches to help save lives in a variety of ways.

For example, the Apple Watch Series 4 and 5 have an ECG app that can detect irregular heart rhythms and alert the user to seek medical attention.

The watch is also popular for a fall detection feature that can detect when a user has taken a hard fall and can call emergency services if needed. 

Additionally, the watch has a built-in GPS that can help users find their way if they get lost or need help.

Typically, of course, like other smartwatches, the Apple watch can be used to monitor physical activity and provide reminders to stay active and healthy. 

Apple's life-saving features are a huge hit. The tech giant yet again saved another life only recently.

When Apple announced their health features it became a huge hit. Ever since these life-saving features have helped many people save lives.

According to Reddit user "xanderpy," Apple's fall detection saved his mother's life, as reported by AppleInsider.

When an Apple Watch user suffers a serious fall, this feature detects it and summons emergency assistance if the user does not respond.

The Reddit user's mom fell to the floor of the hotel room, face down. She was discovered by a coworker on her way to her room.

It turned out that the Redditor's mother's Apple Watch was the one that called for help after she fell, even though it did not detect any movement.

Having the Apple Watch immediately call for help could have meant the difference between life and death.

The Reddit subscriber's mother survived something that is "commonly fatal" because of the Apple Watch's fall detection feature.

According to "xanderpy"'s Reddit post: "I see stories like this sometimes and think that they are exaggerated for publicity or possibly just made up.

"I obviously no longer think this. Apple technology has a firm grip on me and my entire family already with this... this was something else.

"This made me an Apple user for life and showed me that technology like this can truly save lives."

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