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  • Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Apple's Mega iPhone 13 Photo Leaks

Apple's Mega iPhone 13 Photo Leaks

American multinational technology company, Apple looks set to make big changes with the iPhone 13. And now we know a lot more of them as a new video makes the round on the internet revealing multiple upgrades Apple is making with the iPhone 13.

Allnews had earlier informed its readers that Apple is planning to release a highly sophisticated smartphone with a portrait video mode like Galaxy S21 in 2021. 

Users are to expect upgraded cameras across the line, including improved ultra-wide cams (with better low-light performance), automatic astrophotograph and a Galaxy S21- like portrait video mode.

According to AppleInsider's well-known leaker Max Weinbah and EverythingApplePro, the next iPhone rumored over the week has been confirmed. The "iPhone 13"  should be expected later in 2021 with improved cameras, no port, and the possible return of Touch ID.

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iPhone 13 may not be the final name of the new Apple phone due to some reasons including superstitions or a complete revamp of Apple's naming conventions. It is just as likely that Apple could call this device the "iPHone12S"

Some of the features to expect from the new iPhone 13 may not be totally new to users but there are definitely many changes that has been made to the new product.

"iPhone 13" Features

The "iPhone 13" will likely remain relatively the same. Apple may be able to hide the selfie camera and a few other sensors in the "iPhone 13" by placing them under the display or raising them into the bezel. 

The same 120Hz ProMotion display using the same LPTO OLED technology which has proven popular with Samsung's new Galaxy S21 line up may be adopted.

A report says that LG has been tapped to produce the needed LTPO displays for the "iPhone 13" which would go into production in mid-2021. A different report suggests Samsung might be the sole provider of LTPO displays for Apple due to their history of providing quality displays.

A leaker known as choco_bit on Twitter has shared a questionable image saying the 2021 iPhone would have a 4-camera system plus LiDAR. Other leakers are at odds with this image, with Jon Prosser saying it is a 0% chance of being correct and L0vetodream saying it aligns with their leaks.

The same leak said the 2020 iPhone will feature a 64-megapixel shooter with a wide lens and 1x optical zoom (6x digital zoom), 40MP telephoto lens with 3x to 5x optical zoom (15-20x digital zoom), 40MP ultra-wide with 0.25x "optical reverse zoom," and a 40MP anamorphic lens sporting a 2.1:1 ratio.

The large jump in megapixels would be highly unusual for Apple since they have historically avoided changing the megapixel count unless it was absolutely necessary. The most likely change to the camera system will be better zoom, better sensor size, and more powerful LiDAR.

4-camera system plus LiDAR image from choco_bit on Twitter

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In addition to these new leaks, we already know Apple will reduce the notch introduce next-gen 5G modems with global coverage and reduced battery drain, incorporate a ’disruptive’ new WiFi standard and increase storage while in-display Touch ID is hotly tipped to be added alongside Face ID for more mask-friendly security and a possible in-display fingerprint reader.

No matter how accurate Weinbach might be, Apple could easily cut or modify features before production starts.


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