B&M Is Selling A Gazebo With Mosquito Nets For Just £100

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B&M is selling a lovely gazebo for your garden that will cost you just £100.

It's been nice and warm this weekend, a decent reminder that summer is on the way back around.

However, while there was barely a cloud in the sky for many of us this bank holiday weekend, there will be times when you're chilling out in the garden having a barbecue and have to quickly dodge a little rain shower.

What better way to do that without dragging the whole party indoors than to get your hands on one of these 'luxury steel framed gazebos', then?

Credit: B&M

Even better than that, it is fitted with mosquito nets that will keep away any of those pesky midges that can make life hell during the early British summer.

So, what do you get for your £100?

It measures in at about 2.5m by 2.5m and comes in two different colours, grey or taupe. A cursory Google search tells us that taupe is grey with a hint of brown in it.

Basically, grey or grey-brown, then.

Still, as well as getting the mosquito nets thrown in, it also represents a massive bargain given how expensive these things can be elsewhere.

Even B&M claims that the gazebo has a recommended retail price of £200.

Credit: B&M

After having a quick look about at some of the other products on offer within the market, it does seem as if this one is significantly cheaper than an alternative that you might get from Homebase, Wayfair or somewhere of that nature - get it?

The only place you'll get one cheaper than this is at B&Q. However, their £97 gazebo has curtains instead of mosquito nets. That means that for your extra three quid it depends on whether that a) matters to you and b) is actually a problem for you.

£190 at Homebase buys you this lovely gazebo. Credit: Homebase

These B&M ones are only subject to availability and whilst stocks last. That means that if you want to grab one, check ahead first.

That or just get down there as quick as you can to make sure that others haven't beaten you to a bargain.

While we're at it, B&Q is selling a 7ft inflatable pool with seats in it for just £25 if you want to really relax.

Credit: B&Q

It has cup holders, those seats we just mentioned and headrests. Sounds pretty ideal really?

It's probably not that warm yet, but it would be nice to be prepared.

Featured Image Credit: B&M

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