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  • Updated: February 24, 2021

Bandits: Satguru Maharaj Ji Calls For The Arrest Of Ahmad Gumi

Satguru Maharaj Ji has called for the arrest of Alhaji Sheikh Ahmad Gumi who has been on a rescue mission, peace deal and interfacing between the Government and the bandits.

Maharaj Ji the self-proclaimed Living Perfect Master made the call during the week while briefing a cross-section of the media on key National issues and insecurities at his Maharaj Ji Village, Iju Waterworks Road, at Ifako Local Government Area of Lagos State.

He warned the Federal Government of Nigeria against granting amnesty to bandits that have been engaging in kidnapping for ransom and killing fellow Nigerians in the most bizarre manner in recent times.

Satguru Maharaj Ji pointed out that it was wrong to grant amnesty to such a faceless group who have only brought misery and deaths to Nigerians.

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Guru frowned at the practice where some Nigerians are comparing bandits with Niger Delta militants saying, “militants didn’t kill as bandits but only touched the economic machine. Who are bandits? Why will someone advocate amnesty for them? Gumi should be arrested and kept in prison just like they did to others,” he reiterated.

El-Rufai For President Come 2023

Satguru Maharaj Ji castigated those rooting for the Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam El-Rufai to be the next President of Nigeria to halt their jokes saying that Gov El-Rufai has been romancing with Boko Haram terrorists.

He said “The Boko Haram General El-Rufai, and all the northern group members and some of those dirty unpatriotic politicians and, or so-called contracted leaders bribed to make one statement or the other can never get there as next Governor or President. So, don’t take money from anybody, you will be asked to account for it when the time comes.”

Homosexuality: Warns Buhari Not To Play In The Hands Of US President, Joe Biden

SatGuru who expressed dissatisfaction with moral decadence in which humanity has plummeted cautioned President Mohammadu Buhari not to play into the hands of the United States of America President Joe Biden not to sell his homosexualism, gayism, lesbianism, and samesex marriage concept to him.

“The USA President should be warned not to try to force President Buhari Government into recognizing gays, lesbianism, same sex marriage on the alter of not to support Nigeria and Africa for not toying their negative path of sacrilege and taboo.”

COVID-19 Vaccine

On Covid-19, the self-proclaimed living perfect master with admonished Nigerian leader to fully support research ingenuity of Nigerian scientists, whom SatGuru described as “the best in the world to produce what we needed,” adding that “any little mistake can be dangerous” if we don’t control the production and use of Western vaccines.

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Alternatively and in the interim, he called on Nigerians to engage in the consumption of “pepper soup made with non-hybrid pepper, tomatoes, Egusi, Garlic, Ugu, and Bitter leaf. Other local delicacies he recommended include Iru, Kanafuru, lemongrass, Dogoyaro and other spices we use for fever.

However, Maharaj Ji implores the government to grant free Medical care to the elderly especially those above 65 years old. “The Federal Government should as a matter of urgency establish free medical care for all elders above 65,” he recommended.


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