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BBNaija 2021: Highlights For Wednesday, September 15, 2021

It's the daily dose of the highlights from the ongoing BBNaija Shine Ya Eye edition and a major fight between two housemates takes center stage today.

A major altercation took place between Nini and Cross, plus other juicy stuff. Check out the major moments below:

Nini Brands Cross 'Stupid' After Epic Clash

The clash between housemates Nini and Cross in the early hours of the left Nini referring to him as a 'stupid fool' and adding that he should avoid her in the house.

An incident in the bathroom led to the two reality stars exchanging words and in the aftermath, Nini fumed while recalling how it all happened.

With the ever-present Saga by her side, Nini made it clear that Cross should avoid her for the duration of their stay in the house. See her full statement here.

How The Fight Between Nini & Cross Started

The fight between Nini and Cross started after the morning workout, and the Head of House, HOH, Whitemoney, asked all the housemates to clean the house.

Nini was assigned to wash the bathroom moments before Biggie announced that hot water was not available, so most of the housemates were rushing to bathe.

However, Cross wanted Nini to clean the toilet and bathroom after everyone had taken their bath to keep the place clean throughout the day. See what happened and the harsh words exchanged in the video clips here.

Saga Betrays Big Brother, Does The Unthinkable

Saga one-upped Biggie himself by revealing to Nini the secret task given to him concerning her.

On Tuesday, Saga was tasked with ignoring Nini, giving her the impression of starting a fight. He had laughed at the time, telling Biggie how hard it was going to be but said he would do his best.

After Nini's big fight with Cross on Wednesday morning, Saga who seemingly forgot about his task from Biggie threw caution to the wind and let the cat out of the bag.

See what Saga told her and her reaction in the video here.

Cross Breaks Down In Tears After Fight With Nini

The fight between Cross and Nini took a toll on him as he broke down in tears moments later in the garden.

Nini has thrown all sorts of abusive words at him and after the episode, he went to the garden to cry, with Angel coming to comfort him.

See the video here.

Nini Warns Saga About Being Nice To Her

Nini may be getting fed up with Saga's affections for her as she has told him to stop being nice to her.

Saga had snitched on Biggie with Nini, letting her in on the task he was given to start a fight with her by not talking to her until the next diary session.

After the disclosure, one would expect that it would endear Saga the more to Nini but it seems it did just the opposite as Nini was in no mood to warm up to him after her fight with Cross earlier.

Read more here to know what she said to him.

How Cross Knew He Has Dyslexia

After his clash with Nini, Cross confided in Angel about how he found out he has dyslexia.

Angel went to console him and he revealed that he has struggled with dyslexia from childhood. Speaking to her he said, "I am 31 years old. For most of my life, I've always tried as much as possible to just get by academically because it's not something I'm very good at."

Watch the video here to get the full gist.

Angel Confronts Emmanuel On His 'Fight' With Liquorose

Biggie's secret task to Liquorose is getting the desired result, prompting Angel to inquire from Emmanuel what he did to upset his love interest.

Noticing the unusual development, Angel confronted Emmanuel, asking him what he did to get Liquorose upset. She wondered aloud if he kissed another girl and promised to disturb him until he spilled the truth.

Watch the video here.

Queen Talks About Sexual Satisfaction From Her Ideal Man

Queen has opened up on the qualities she looks out for in a man, citing the importance of someone who can satisfy her in bed as a top priority.

While talking with Whitemoney on Wednesday afternoon, Queen stated that she wants a power couple relationship, much like the one between Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Whitemoney brought up the issue of sex and asked her if she would pick someone who couldn't satisfy her in bed but possessed all the other qualities she wanted. Watch her respond in the video here.

Whitemoney Tries To Settle Nini & Cross After Their Fight

Whitemoney sued for peace between feuding BBNaija housemates Nini and Cross after their clash earlier on Wednesday.

After the quarrel, Cross had gone to Nini and offered her a heartfelt apology. She had remained silent all through it and he had simply walked away when he was done.

Later in the day, the present head of house Whitemoney called the two of them, asking Nini to forgive Cross as he was truly sorry for what he did that prompted her outburst. Watch the video here.



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