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  • Updated: August 31, 2022

Betting On American Football

The NFL is one of America's most popular sporting leagues, and millions of Americans watch and bet on this event. It can become complicated with the amount of stats that are kept.

You can look at some NFL predictions to help you make the best choices when betting on game events like the Super Bowl. 

Types of Bets

You’ll choose among three types of wagers when looking at NFL expert picks

  • The Moneyline bet lets you pick the winning team of a game
  • The points total bet lets you place a wager on whether the game will go over or under a certain amount of points
  • The handicap bet is where the significant action is. One team is given a number of points to make the two teams playing almost equal money. 

The handicap is sometimes referred to as the point spread, and you’ll often hear this in the sports betting community. It’s also the most popular type of bet in American football. 

Be Smart About Your Bets

When making your bets, you can be selective. You don’t have to make wagers on every game but rather work smart with your bankroll.

Make sure to place bets when handicap lines are just released, as this is the best way to take advantage of handicaps.

You can also make live bets while the teams are playing. This option with the most reputable sportsbooks helps you make well-informed decisions.

Before choosing your team, consider the predictions and keep them in mind with your final decision. 

Make sure that you get your NFL news from reputable sources. Many media outlets in the US create hype around the games, but their information isn’t necessarily factual.

This can impact negatively on your winning ability. Reputable sources are crucial for profitable sports betting. 

Another good tip is to place wagers on preseason NFL games. It’s a volatile version of the NFL, where there aren’t any star players, and coaches don’t necessarily put in plenty of effort.

This means that there are plenty of opportunities to place bets and win. However, you shouldn’t risk large amounts in preseason bets, but you can potentially make a nice profit with the wagers you place. 

Final Thoughts

While American football isn’t as popular as regular football, it’s a great place to make bets and win some serious cash.

Since it’s such a popular sport in America, there’s plenty of money surrounding it, and with more areas in the US legally allowed to make sports bets, it’s growing.

You can make small bets with the potential of making big profits. Try your luck with the tips above.


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