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  • Updated: January 20, 2023

Biometric Technology: What's The Way Forward With Inadequate Passwords?

When hackers easily compromise weak passwords and complex versions get easily mumbled or forgotten by owners, biometric options may hold the ace!

This is the crux of today's reviews of inadequate passwords that are prone to violations by cybercriminals.

In 2015, about 800 data breaches that exposed nearly 169 million records were recorded in the U.S. alone.

Research has shown that compromised passwords were the ports of entry through which these attacks largely occurred when consumers frequently reused the same passwords on multiple sites.

Nothing makes passwords susceptible like reusing the same on different sites with invisible 'listeners'.

What's the Catch?

When cyber thieves crack users' passwords, they access vital personal details.

They turn around to sell these credentials on the black market. This is big business!

With the spate of cybercrime appearing unbeatable no time soon, it has become an ever-present and growing concern for corporate providers of mobile accounts and consumer web.

One unsavoury and dominant case of cyber stealing is referred to as an account takeover (ATO).

Under ATO, unauthorised parties can gain online access to existing accounts from where they pretend as account owners to carry out malicious activities.

How Biometric Technology is Holding The Ace

While password vulnerability concerns continue, their continued use, however, will remain for the foreseeable future.

Nevertheless, the continued use of passwords until otherwise becomes the case will be dependent upon its successful integration with additional authentication layers. 

Thus, cyber security experts have been studying options that will mitigate the incidence of ATOs and also enhance security while user experience quality is retained.

This is where a term called behavioural biometrics comes in.

Behavioural biometrics, amongst other things, may seek to consolidate dependence on recognition of unique face patterns, voices, eyes, thumbprints, etc. with technologies such as two-factor authentication. 


Indeed, passwords that use to flash the pride of owners regarding privacy have been proven inadequate by hackers and crackers.

However, a solution that leverages inviolability features seems the best bet for now. 

If hackers and crackers cannot duplicate facial pattern recognition as well as those of voices and thumbprints, then we better go there!

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