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Bone Straight Hair: Everything You Need To Know

Every lady is aiming for the popular straight weave also known as ‘bone straight’. AllNews brings to you every detail you need to know about the bone straight, no doubt bone straight weave has taken over the hearts of many 'slay queens'.

This hair is quite similar to naturally straight hair because of the straightness they both share. However, there are differences between them and that’s why this article is here to enlighten you about its features. This way, you don’t get confused or call any hair you see bone straight.

Bone straight is a thin straight hair that is sleek and could appear scanty rather than full in most cases.

This type of hair feels raw and is well knotted all-through, It is that calm, classy hair for every elegant woman who loves good things.

How do you know a bone straight hair when you see one?

It doesn’t need styling, It feels very flat, It can’t be curled.

It is called ‘bone straight’ for the obvious reason which is the fact that it is a straight hair and not suitable for curls. This isn’t the hair for those bending rollers, a hair curler, or tonging machine.
When tried to be curled, it drops back flat and stays that way.

To add to the characteristics of the straight hair, it is flat right from the top down. unlike wavey hair which seems bulky in some parts, bone straight hair is leveled and feels smooth.

So ladies, before you purchase that attractive bone straight hair, check out the above characteristics or ask the seller more about the hair you are to buy.

How to Take Care of Your Bone Straight Hair

To take care of this hair isn’t difficult because it is very easy to maintain. This is because the hair is a stress-free one owing to its features listed above. However, remember not to curl the hair or switch up styles. Those aren’t suitable for this type of hair.

When trying to achieve a new look with hair weave or extensions, however, remember to consult with your hairstylist. If you are unsure, get advice from them. Try not to damage your hair and the weave. For a more natural and feminine look, you can team with accessories or perfect makeup. Wearing these hairs, we’re sure you will not regret it. 

It requires very little or no styling and this makes it stress-free hair. It’s super easy to brush, comb through and you don’t need to worry about falling out. Just be sure to get the original straight which is super sleeky.

Types of Bone Straight Hair

The types of these hair are:

1. Single Drawn: This contains multiple lengths of hair mixed into the extensions. Thus, it results in hair that appears very thick at the top, tapers down at the middle while the ends are thin. In addition, it is cheaper than the remaining types of bone straight hair.

2. Double Drawn: This hair usually has the same length. That is, it is thick and full at the top middle and bottom. Furthermore, it is more expensive than the single drawn type.

3. Super Double Drawn: This is the thickest hair. It contains approximately 85-90% amount of hair strands that are of the same length. When you wear a double drawn type of hair, it gives you an illusion of your natural hair because of its density. This hair is the luxury bone straight hair and it is nicer than the remaining types. This makes it the most expensive

Prices Of Bone Straight Hair in Nigeria

The prices of this type of hair in Nigeria range from N60,000 to N300,000 and above, depending on the type, length and gram you want.

Bone straight hair It’s an investment on its own; an investment capable of elevating your outfit and reputation. However, if you choose not to rock this type of hair due to reasons best known to you, go for any other human hair. Just be sure to maintain it well by following the tips on how to take care of human hair weaves and you are good to go.

alternatively, if you want to be classy and you don't have such a huge amount of money to spend on buying a Bone Straight Hair, rejoice because there is an alternative

What to remember?

Feel free to get a bone straight weave to switch up your appearance and yourself, as well. As long as you apply it properly, no one can detect it. Don’t forget to find out the simple ways on how to bone straight weave and how to protect your mane. 

7 Things You Need To Make Your Own Bone Straight Wig

To create your own wig at home, here’s a list of the things you need:

1. Wig cap

This is the cap you will wig your weave on, so it’s of paramount importance. You can opt for a thicker one if you want.

2. Needle and thread

To sew the weave-on on the cap. Ask the seller for wig needle

3. Bonding glue

To gum the hair on the wig cap. You will need it for the closure so that it will look like the wig is from your scalp. Needle and thread cannot achieve such a perfect finish.

4. Actual hair

The actual hair is the reason why everything is expensive. But don’t panic. The plan is to make a bone straight wig at a cheaper price, so we came up with really affordable alternatives that won’t cost you much.

a. Expression attachment

I'm sure you agree with me it's straight

b. Darling Superstar attachment

When you finish the wig and people ask you how it’s so full and bouncy, tell them it’s Bone Straight Deluxe.

5. Weave-on to do the closure

After gumming and sewing the attachment on the wig cap, closure is what remains. This is where the weave-on comes in. You need just small to close up the front. You can contribute money with your friend to buy one and share it. Put the bonding glue on the wig cap and place your weave-on pieces on the glue. Now brush it until it aligns with the remaining part of your bone straight wig.

6. Hot water

After wigging your weave, you will dip it in hot water to bring out the silkiness. It also makes it softer and closer to real hair. 

7. Pink oil

Perfect finish. Rub it on your bone straight wig and watch it shine like a diamond. Brush the wig until it starts to bounce and you are ready to slay like the diva that you are.


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