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Buhari Tasked With Reshuffling Cabinet, Instituting Divine Government

Buhari Tasked With Reshuffling Cabinet, Instituting Divine G

President Buhari

The Living Perfect Master and Founder of One Love Family, Satguru Maharaj Ji has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to reshuffle his cabinet and institute a Divine Government of National Unity.

Maharaj Ji also reminded the president that now is the right time for him to do so in the face of ASUU strike, high increase in foodstuffs, petrol pump price, insecurity, rejection by the European Union of foodstuff produced in Nigeria for export, lingering standstill blockade of traffic by trailers in wharf road.

This was contained in a press statement by his spokesperson, Ojo Mogbadewa and made available to AllNews Nigeria on Tuesday.

"To be able to move the nation forward and make an imprint on the sands of time, regarding our socio-economic and political development, those aspiring to become leaders in the new world order, need to come for Divine Knowledge, if they are desirous to make history where those before them failed, else they should forget.

"Divine Knowledge is man's birth right, given free of charge by the Creator and it was what our forefathers used to rule the world in the past, before the Oyinbos introduced the unsubstantiated "doctrine of impunity" of sin and repent, as well as believe in the existence of an Omni Potent, Omni Present and Omni Scient Supreme Being that one has to die to see, rendering the faithful powerless, homeless and ostracized from eminence."

On the issue of ASUU strike, Maharaj Ji said that Nigerians were tired of the incessant strikes, while many young people are feeling frustrated and loosing Interest in education.

"The strikes are becoming too worrisome.

"The development does not portray the country in good light before the international community.

"The strikes are making the youth to lose faith in education and consequently take to negative vices that may compromise their future.

"This development is dangerous to us as a nation.

"It does not speak well of us as a nation that truly desires accelerated development and transformation.

"Government should tackle this issue, it must go down to work, and quickly too, to revisit whatever demands the lecturers are making."

He noted that Nigerians cannot afford to sit down and watch this country collapse as Nigeria was the hope of the black race.

"We cannot rely on our foreign friends who do not wish Africa well and so they have kept mom and using all manners of chicanery to divert the government attention from the temple of continuous good and quality education whilst they lure our professionals abroad into the cold to indoctrinate and poison their minds against their nuclear culture and tradition which forbids any acts of failure, loss and hatred.

"We can say here that 70% of those lured out are Igbos and Yorubas going through undue hardships transforming gradually towards the extinction of the black race if the current trend of perverting truth for the sanctimonious culture of indirect imperial domination in an amalgamation whose vital tangents of progress and stability are being trampled upon with impunity everyday.

"The collapse of the National grid for the 7th time gives cause for alarm at this trying time where the three tiers of government, the Executive, The Legislature, The Judiciary are faced with test of faith in the Nigerian Project saturated with untouchables and “stealocrats” beyond prosecution.

"I accepted you, but you don't seem to accept me even though all the things I recommended have been put in place."

Maharaj Ji also called for state police as a veritable check against untamed criminal activities in various local communities across the country.

“Rightly, one of the prominent items on the contemporary demand-list of Nigerians is the establishment of state police institutions.”

He added that Nigeria’s adoption of the federal system of geo-political administrations spoke favourably to the idea of availing its constituent states the liberty to own and operate police institutions in their respective domains.

“Outside the underlining principles of federalism whose core ideology is partly semi-autonomy of federating states is the fact that Nigeria has sociologically evolved beyond the operational capacity of a centralised police system.”

The self-acclaimed Living Perfect Master added that a centralised police system was a colonial heritage that was functionally favourable to the British determination to whip and subjugate Nigerians into whatever shape London’s oppressive disposition on our land demanded.

"Please, Mr President reshuffle your cabinet now to institute Divine Government to save the nation from collapse," Maharaj Ji begged.

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