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  • Updated: August 06, 2022

'Bullet Train' Review: Brad Pitt's Charm Is Evident In This Bloody, Brilliant Eye Candy

Stunt performer and coordinator-turned-director David Leitch fuses style, substance, and a stupendous cast to helm what is undoubtedly one of the best action films of 2022.

Hollywood veteran Brad Pitt shows that he hasn't lost his charm, bringing his acting chops to play in this mesmerising crowd pleaser.

Bullet Train revolves around a retired hitman codenamed Ladybug (Pitt) who is drawn back into the life he abandoned when he is hired to retrieve a briefcase from a bullet train travelling from Tokyo to Kyoto.

The protagonist is a guy who has always seen himself as unlucky and little does he know that the train is filled with individuals who have unfinished business with the person associated with the briefcase.

As events begin to unfold, Ladybug must tap into his survival skills and wit if he must make it out alive as a quiet journey becomes a non-stop slugfest with remarkable twists and turns.

I wasn't impressed with the trailer and the only reason I went to the cinema to see this film is because of Brad Pitt (I mean, who doesn't love Brad Pitt?)

The first few minutes made me rue why I was watching Bullet Train as I found the brief exposition of the characters a tad bit annoying, almost getting in the way of me following the plot.

Fortunately, things became clearer not too long after, events began to unfold and I was thrown into an ecstasy of non-stop entertainment worth every damn penny.

Yet again, Leitch grabs your attention with numerous but remarkable characters whose different motives and personas add to the exceptionally brilliant plot progression. 

Every actor brings his or her A-Game, no matter how brief they appear (watch out for cameos from some of Hollywood's most recognisable faces) and each character never feels underutilised or out of place.

Brad Pitt plays the central character with the charisma and swagger that he is known for; the I-don't-care attitude combined with his devilishly handsome looks add to his mysterious past, making him more engaging.

All the supporting characters are amazing in their character portrayals and I literally cannot single out anyone as they all give superb performances.

The villain is someone who is talked about a lot and you get this feeling of dread as you want to unravel the man behind the myth. His legend only diminishes when he is unveiled and I was a bit disappointed with the way things ended with him.

The plot is intricately interwoven with the right combination of action, suspense, humour, intrigue, and gore to become every movie buff's dream come true.

In terms of the action, I found it well-choreographed and spectacular even though a few scenes didn't come off as convincing because the punches and kicks obviously failed to land.

The music is an amazing work of art, the sound out of this world, and the visual effects (especially during the final act) are stunning to the letter.

Bullet Train blew me away by taking me to places I never imagined it would. For me, it sits comfortably as one of the best and most engaging films this year.

I totally recommend this action slugfest to movie lovers, guaranteeing that you will get more than your money's worth of unbridled fun.

Rating: 8/10.


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