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CAMA: 'What Are You Hiding?' - Guru Maharaj Ji To CAN, Oyedepo, Primate Ayodele, Others (EXCLUSIVE)

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Zaccheus Ukhueleigbe
Zaccheus Ukhueleigbe

is a media and communications professional | digital media strategist. A proud Nigerian and an advo...

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The ‘living perfect master’, Guru Maharaj Ji says pastors should be accountable, as the Nigerian spiritual leader urges religious figures to embrace the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA).

Guru Maharaj Ji disclosed this in an exclusive interview with allnews.ng at Mahaj Ji village along Lagos/Ibadan expressway in respect of the controversial CAMA 2020.

He advised religious leaders who are against the new CAMA law to halt, and make themselves accountable for the masses who give their widow's mite unconditionally.

AllNews recalls that President Muhammadu Buhari on August 7, 2020, signed into law, the Companies and Allied Matters Bill, 2020. The bill, which has also been passed by the National Assembly, replaced the 1990 CAMA.

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But top religious leaders in Nigeria as well as the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, amongst others, rejected the law, especially the section 839 (1) and (2) of the law which empowers the supervising minister “to suspend trustees of an association (in this case, the church) and appoint the interim managers to manage the affairs of the association for some given reasons.”

In his reaction, Guru Maharaj said; “There is nothing wrong being accountable. Look at me here, I don’t know where they rank me or file me in. But all the forty years now, it has been tithing, teaching, lifting people who are victims of mismanagement out there. See [if] you want to eat or drink here, it is free of charge, look around.

“So who is this person that says I have to die to see God. Who is he representing? God of the dead? Mind-bending, turning everybody upside down. When even the bird has this God element in it that the moment there is danger, it flies.”

He continues:

“What are you teaching me, to die, give you all I have and you cannot account for it?

“You are driving five jets, we are not against it. You establish university, technical college, and I, who has been following you giving my widow's mite. Sometimes people have to go and borrow money from the bank to go and give to the pastor and you say we should not ask you.

“Maybe with what has happened in the last few years, the way, manner, and lifestyle of these people (the pastors) is the cause of what we are seeing now. Because I was surprised too when this pandemic [COVID-19] came up, pastors, reverends, Alhaji disappeared, nka de o!!!! (meaning there is trouble).

“So they should sit up, that is what this means. Show us how you are spending the money. Money from The Creator should be to help the masses, not for it to go inside your pocket. You go and buy three million wristwatch, vacation to West-London, Paris buy a house and when there is trouble in Nigeria you vanish there, leaving others here to face hardship.

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“I am in support of the new CAMA law - anything that will bring sanity to the system.

“Look at the politicians, we are talking to them every day, what about the men of God”?

“If Jesus is not there; if Muhammed is not there, we [spiritual leaders] are here.

“We voted them in to be a pastor, reverend, minister, governor. What are you hiding?

“Some will say I spent my whole life bringing this church up, this and that!  So you mean those who fought for Nigeria’s independence and we who have come up now, are we to destroy Nigeria or lift it up?

"It is left to them anyway."


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Zaccheus Ukhueleigbe
Zaccheus Ukhueleigbe

is a media and communications professional | digital media strategist. A proud Nigerian and an advo...

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