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  • Updated: Apr 03, 2020

Coronavirus: Apostle Suleman Reveals 'Deep Secret' About COVID-19 (Video)

Coronavirus: Apostle Suleman Reveals 'Deep Secret' About COV


President of the Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide, Apostle Suleman Johnson, has claimed that the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is not real, accusing China of manufacturing a 'chemical weapon'.

Allnews reports that the televangelist before beginning his disclosure noted that "there are some things that I'd say that maybe coded".

Suleman made this claim regarding the dreaded new coronavirus disease which originated from Wuhan, China late last year and has infected roughly 1 million people worldwide in his church recently.

"Covid-19 is an experiment. And now, they are rejoicing that they could shake the world. And they would wait for another two years," Suleman said.

"In 2022, something worse will happen and it would also originate from them.

"The world leaders are coming together to have a synergy that will make all religion have a common ground, and the Pope (Francis) is part of it.

"America is their target, but the President is their obstacle.

"America should not joke with the next election, because they all will support the opponents of the current President."

Continuing, Apostle Suleman said:

"The opponent is not the isssue, but his running-mate is.

"The running-mate is a lady. And if the opponent wins, the opponent will be impeached for the lady to take over and fulfil the new world order.

"Their current agenda is to humiliate him (Trump). They (referring to China) have suceeded in making him mockery in America while they are now free from it.

"But the prayers of the saint will reverse it and America will be healed.

"The virus was manufactured by this people. It is not a biological issue, it is a chemical weapon.

"Many people contracted it through testing. Once you go for the test, you are infected.

"The few that are not positive is to balance the equation. To make people believe it is real"

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Coronavirus Vaccine

"The vaccine will come, but the vacinne will carry the actual disease.

"It's loaded with signals to control the human being by sending signals from his body to their power base.

"That will be the only proof to them that we are safe and virus-free.

"When they tell you to take the vaccinne and you refuse, you will be denied a lot of things.

"Italy was sacrificed for this agenda because the Pope is a part of it.

"That is why we saw almost the largest cases in Italy.

"It was not coincidence, it was a sacrifice."


"The policy of not having people gather together to reduce and contain the virus is targeted at believers congregating because they know the coming together of believers to pray and...the evil agenda will frustrate them.

"We must not keep quiet. The prayers of the saints will stop them. All beleivers must lift up their voice against the spirit of the new world order, and scatter the agenda of the anti-Christ.

"They will come up with a new currency to unify the world and solidify control.

"Purify your body of any sin because they target your body."

Countries that need 'special prayers'

"They have tried this and it has worked. By June to August, different agenda to unify the world will begin. Kuwait, Malaysia, Egypt, Singapore, Hong Kong, Gabon, Thailand, Madagascar, Saudi Arabia, America, Maryland, Baltimore, especially needs special prayers.

"The church can pray using Jeremiah 17-14."

In Nigeria, Governors Bala Mohammed of Bauchi state, Nasir El Rufai of Kaduna state and Seyi Makinde of Oyo state have all confirmed they tested positive to covid-19. All are recovering.

Several public figures too like Bukola Olopade of the Lagos City Marathon and Suleiman Achimugu , a former Managing Director of Products Marketing Company (PPMC) contracted the disease. Achimugu would later die of the disease though.

Oluwaseun Ayodeji Osowobi, one of five patients recently discharged by Nigerian health authorities in Lagos after recovering from Covid-19, in a series of posts on Twitter on Monday, shared her experience living with the virus in an isolation center in Lagos, Nigeria's commercial center.

She stressed that covid-19 is real.

As at the time of publishing this report, the total number of confirmed covid-19 cases is 190, with some discharged and two deaths recorded.


Watch Apostle Suleman's video below:



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