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Couples: Five Ways To Boost Your Sex Life

Sadly, most couples end up having a boring sex life after marriage or even before marriage.

This has ruined so many beautiful relationships. However, couples can boost their sex life with these five recommendations. 

The moment the vows are exchanged, the newlyweds are immersed in bliss.

Another adventure that brand-new couples are ready to undertake is the joy of travelling in the most romantic locations.

However, such exhilaration may start to fade within a few months due to the reality of life after the honeymoon.

According to research, there is always an increase in sexual pleasure during the first year of marriage and a gradual fall in the months that followed.

Justin Lehmiller, a social psychologist, theorized that this was caused by couples' eagerness and willingness to swiftly discover each other's sexual preferences in the early stages of their relationship.

This has the effect of increasing sexual satisfaction. The drop was associated with fewer sexual encounters occurring more frequently as a result of decreased sexual passion and satisfaction.

For couples to restore their sexual life, according to sex therapist Jade Emperor, they must identify the root of the problem. 

Here are 5 ideas for young couples to maintain passion in their sex life and relationships.

1. Need For Total And Honest Communication 

Humans need communication as a vital skill, and good sexual relationships between partners require it as well.

Couples' sexual lives can be put out by a variety of factors, but communication that involves being truthful with one another about these interactions will rekindle the flame of love.

Emperor recommended partners actively converse while having sex. 

2. Be Open To Trying Out New Sexual Positions

Among other things, doing the same thing over and over again would eventually get tiresome in terms of sexual life.

According to Lehmiller, "Humans are "wired" for novelty in the bedroom, so the excitement can wear off when they start having sex with only one person, the same manner, every time.

Thank goodness, this does not spell the end of your sexual life.

You may make a boring bedroom into a sexual paradise that continuously pleases you and your lover if you're prepared to put in a little work.

3. Explore The Appropriate Environment

More sexual enjoyment will result from setting the stage or creating the right mood before engaging in sexual activity.

You can achieve this by setting up a laid-back environment that both you and your spouse will find comfortable.

Other suggestions include turning down the bedroom's lights, thinking about lighting some scented candles for added ambience and making sure the bedsheets and room are tidy and clutter-free.

A committed partnership would contribute to fostering a welcoming sexual atmosphere.

4. Like singles, flirt And Do It Over And Over Again

The passion can be maintained by flirting like you and your lover did when you first started dating.

These entail demonstrating a general interest and investment in your spouse through impromptu displays of affection, such as surprise flowers, date nights, helping out with projects, and making audacious overtures, among other things.

5. Write And Send Sensual Love Letters

Although the practice of writing "love letters," as it is widely known, may seem archaic, it may be a unique way to express your appreciation for your spouse and convey your mood.

The enjoyable part would be hiding the notes with messages that will make your lover laugh or horny in odd spots throughout the house.

You might provide details about what you'd like to do next time as well as information on your previous experiences with each other and how much you enjoyed them.

By uniquely utilizing these suggestions, you can spice up your sex life and add interest to it.

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