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  • Updated: Jul 10, 2020

COVID-19: Residents Of 13 Countries Banned From Entry Into Italy

COVID-19: Residents Of 13 Countries Banned From Entry Into I


Nationals from thirteen countries considered as high risk, in terms of Coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission, will be banned from entering Italy.

The countries on the list of banned countries are Brazil, Bangladesh, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Armenia, Bosnia, North Macedonia, Peru, Bahrain, Moldova, Kuwait, Panama, and Oman.

The Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, said in a statement, "Throughout the world, the pandemic has entered a more acute phase.

"We cannot throw away the sacrifices made by Italians in recent months."

Italy has recorded almost 35,000 deaths, with over 242,000 cases of infections.

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Italy once carried the title of the hardest-hit country, not only in Europe but the globe, with the cases of fatalities shooting past those recorded in China where the virus emerged. 

Although, cases of infection in the country has seen a sharp decline, with 12 fatalities recorded on Thursday, after it had recorded 15 deaths a day before.



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