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Cris Galera Files For Divorce Three Months After Marriage To Herself

Brazilian model Cris Galera has filed for divorce from herself barely three months after walking herself down the aisle

This is due to the fact that she has met someone special who made her start believing in love again.

As at the time of her wedding in September, Galera revealed that she chose to marry herself after being disappointed by men more than enough times.

However, she stated that she was happy while her self-marriage lasted.

"I was happy while it lasted," Galera told Daily Star while talking about the divorce.

"I started to believe in love the moment I met someone else special."

Earlier, while speaking about marrying herself, Galera had said, "I reached a point where I matured, I realized that I am a strong and determined woman. I was always afraid of being alone, but I realized that I needed to learn to feel good about myself. When that happened, I decided to celebrate it."


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