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Crypto Airdrop: What You Must Do To Earn 'Free' Cryptocurrencies

Crypto Airdrop: What You Must Do To Earn 'Free' Cryptocurren

If you have been wondering what you must do to earn money with crypto airdrops or freebie cryptocurrencies, you are not alone. 

Across the world, people in their thousands (millions perhaps) are seeking ways to earn airdrops.

So, if you are one of such and you are reading this news, today is your lucky day!

As another variant of work-from-home or remote jobs, you can create sustainable incomes when you cleverly trend all airdrop websites to scout for free airdrops as promoted by them.

Indeed, if done smartly, there's a huge potential to cash out as an ardent airdrop enthusiast.

You're probably cashing out in many ways based on Bitcoin, however, the airdrop giveaways under crypto are something else.

Reasons Why People Currently Make 'Free' Thousands of Airdrops

Crypto Airdrop

Traders in NFT and crypto now make airdrop after airdrop in exchange for 'free' tokens for the following reasons:

As a dogged crypto trader, imagine waking up this morning only to discover an unsurprising but exciting alert on his phone!

Following your consistency in the NFT and crypto trading dynamics, you were deemed eligible to claim some airdrops for a new cryptocurrency that had just been launched.

While such windfalls might sound like one of today's numerous cyber frauds, it's however, genuine. 

You can hit a "claim" after paying a transaction fee and see $1000 worth of tokens flood your wallet. 

Such windfalls (aka airdrops) in an amazing cryptocurrency ecosystem are truly not impossible. 

For your information, there are traditional companies that wish to raise funds when they go public and offer stocks to investors. 

Similar organisations may be operating on the popular Web3 which is a blockchain-integrated internet.

So all they need is to launch tokens for people to buy and sell back on exchanges. 

Whenever such tokens are launched, it's often with airdrops. 

Those who go ahead to apply tools provided by the said Web3 organization can harvest a bunch of tokens dropping into their wallets. 

According to Alex Gedevani of the Delphi Digital research firm, "Airdrops can be thought of as customer acquisition costs." 

He noted the fact that airdrops command a twofold utility comprising marketing (since the prospect of free money is magnetizing) and etiquette (since blockchain apps promise airdrops in return for tokens. 

Armed with these insights, punters use new apps to bet, hoping that a successful app will earn a lucrative airdrop. 

An anonymous trader said, "It gets me super hyped for Web3.

"Airdrops incentivize you to dip your toes into everything." 

Recently, a crypto company by the name OpenDAO dropped a Christmas Day airdrop.

This was in such a way that those who either purchased or sold on OpenSea, NFT's biggest marketplace, were likely to claim OpenDAO's $SOS tokens. 

About 300,000 wallets have been known to have claimed the airdrop since January 12, 2023. 

Typically, if you had spent plenty of money on OpenSea, chances were that you'd be eligible for bigger airdrops.

Our anonymous trader above had therefore spent $25,000 on NFTs via OpenSea. This put them in the top 6%.

Follow the Approaches Below for a Good Chance to Earn Airdrops

You can Learn and Then Earn

It's now the trend amongst crypto players to educate intending and existing cryptophiles and prepare them for mass adoption. 

Target Exchanges and Hunt Their Freebies

Exchanges are becoming notorious for huge surprises of cryptophiles when they use airdrops as a way to market their new coin listings. 

You Can Earn More Money with Airdrops by Grabbing All Available

Here, the mantra, 'the more the merrier' applies.

Target grabbing as many airdrops as you can to make plenty of returns.

However, be careful not to fall into the hands of several rogue airdrop websites out there.

Avoid losing precious tokens that just ended up in your wallets. 

Own Bitcoins and Attract Holder Airdrops

At a time, the byteball project gave away GBYTE’s to all those who owned Bitcoin at each month's full moon cycle.

Therefore, aim for as much Bitcoin as you can.

When You Create Crypto Wallets, You Earn Tokens

After the examples of the likes of STO's, IEO's, and ICO’s, crypto wallets would also require to build their own community just to generate brand awareness.

Thus, installing new wallets have the potential to fetch you tokens. 

You Can Also Play Games and Earn Too

The advent of dApps (decentralized applications) and blockchain apps ushered in more games for which you can play and win coins.

Look Out For Hardfork For Your Coins

Based on blockchain technology, a hard fork makes radical changes to protocols that validate previously invalid blocks/transactions (or vice-versa). 

You may have 1 coin at a time and end up having two later, 

Bitcoin Cash is typically the most notorious hard fork. 

Referral Airdrops Can Also Earn You Money

People are naturally prone to inviting family members and friends and family to a rewarding product or scheme.

So, referring people to airdrops became the first way that 'Airdrop Alert' started earning money. 



While the above-mentioned approaches to earning free cryptocurrencies or airdrops may not be exhaustive, readers are encouraged to dig deeper. One thing is certain though, airdrops are real.

However, it takes being anticipatory, keeping your ears to the ground, and having eagle eyes to strike gold and avoid scams.

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