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  • Updated: July 27, 2022

Design Tips For Beginners In Graphic Design

We offer a list of the most important design tips for beginners who are willing to start learning graphic design. Look through the tips, and think of how to apply them in your project.


Graphic Design Tips for Non-Designers and Beginners


With graphic design, you can create videos for Instagram, draw a mobile interface, or create an invitation. It can be difficult for a beginner without experience to create an effective design at once. That is why you can check this email template builder for ready design schemes.

As a simple graphic design beginner, you should be persistent in your efforts. Try finding a good motivation for your studies, and look for what is your primary aim. In this article, we will look at some useful tips on how to make a graphic design effective.



Limit Your Typefaces

One of the main rules for a cool designed template is limiting fonts. In graphic design, you can use a maximum of three fonts in one design. It is especially important for headings. Otherwise, the text will be difficult or impossible to read. The reader will get tired fast and go to another page. When you are making your design, try to strive for simplicity. There is a list of the most used standard fonts for design. It is better to use one or two fonts from this list. But in some cases, you can add one of your own typefaces.


Don’t Be Scared of Scale

How to design graphics to make them more diverse? To do this, you should use different scales. For example, a good option is to use objects of several sizes. You can also place them in different similar colors to make the design look vivid.
At the same time, you should not forget about the font that needs to fit the colors. Make sure that there are emphasized elements that differ from the others. You can make them in bold or highlight them with a frame. This will attract the readers’ attention to the main points. They will become interested in reading the whole article on your website.


Respect the Space of Other Elements

How to design graphics to make your design stand out? An important rule is not to make your design too tight. This means that every object on the page should have its place and spacing. This approach will allow the reader to easily find each object without confusion. Reading the article will not become complicated and will get more attractive.
The same rule is related to letter spacing. They should not stand too broad from each other and should be too tight. Look through the standard templates to understand which texts your reader is used to.


Use a Small Color Scheme

The more colors your design includes, the more awful it becomes. The colors you choose for your page should fit each other and stay in a similar tone. Otherwise, your readers’ eyesight will be tired. They will get confusing feelings about the product. A good option is to use two or three tones of one color.
So, look through the design tips attentively to create a quality design project.




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