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  • World - Africa
  • Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Earthquake Tremors Shook Parts Of Greater Accra - Residents

Earthquake Tremors Shook Parts Of Greater Accra -  Residents


Kindness Udoh

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Residents of Ghana say that they felt tremors caused by an earthquake late Wednesday, stating that the tremor shook their walls.

According to a Ghanaian news platform MyJoyOnline, some parts of the Greater Accra in the Central Region felt the tremors that shook the areas around 10:40 pm, and it happened three times within 10 minutes.

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Some residents say that their furniture "started vibrating" and thought it unusual and couldn't have been an earthquake until their fears were validated by users on social media who claimed to have also felt the tremor.

The West African country is not within the major earthquake zones of the world, but Volcano Discovery, on its website says that the earthquake experienced in Ghana had a 4.0 magnitude, which usually causes little to no damages.




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