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EXCLUSIVE: Yomi Fabiyi Replies 'Sister' Iyabo Ojo Over Baba Ijesha 'Rape' Saga

Nigerian Actor, Yomi Fabiyi has said that he did not assert that Olarenwaju James Omiyinka, popularly known as 'Baba Ijesha' is not a rapist, or that the victim is mendacious.

Fabiyi also denied asking for the CCTV clip of the teenager being sexually molested to be made public, ostensibly to serve as evidence.

Recall that actress Iyabo Ojo had seriously lambasted Fabiyi over the comments he made on social media purportedly sympathising with Baba Ijesha who has been arrested for allegedly molesting a 14-year-old girl.

Fabiyi's post came after Lagos police revealed in a statement not long ago that Baba Ijesha, 48, confessed to the crime and was caught on CCTV.

Fabiyi released a post on Monday asking his colleagues not to jump to conclusions. He was widely reported to have demanded evidence first.


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In the Instagram post, he wrote: Sometimes COMMON SENSE and CAUTION are needed more irrespective of ones personality and principle to serious issues or whatever you know. I am not going to be part of a bad antecedent. If my words come ambiguous, seek understanding before rushing to hurt your colleague online, too low and dirty.

I will continue to fight for what is right and I will never condone anyone reading negative meaning or isolate my words just to give a dog a bad name and subject to cyber bullying.

Gbogbo wa ni isowo ogun oh.

However, we all must be united on the bigger picture and the serious issue at hand. Focus to be hugely on the mental health of the minor and her guardians AND not to twist words or engage in needless drama of distractions. Count me out of social media or industry beef or recklessness

Fair trial, protection of human rights, and justice is crucial for the public to be on the right path.

Seek every protection to children and minors around you. SAY NO TO RAPE, SAY NO TO SEXUAL HARRASMENT, SAY NO TO CHILD ABUSE.

This did not go down well with so many in the film industry - and Nigerians at large.

Earlier in the day, a teary Princess, a popular Nigerian Comedienne, released a video where she expressed her extreme sadness.

According to Princess who is the foster parent of the victim, Baba Ijesha sexually assaulted the girl more than once.

The victim opened up about the incident recently at the age of 14.

At this point, Princess said she put up a CCTV camera in the house and alleged it captured Baba Ijesha sexually harassing the girl. She says that when he was confronted, he confessed and blamed Satan.

After this video by Princess, Iyabo Ojo took to her verified Instagram page on Wednesday to address the rape issue once more. This time, vehemently attacking Fabiyi.



A post shared by Yomi Fabiyi (@realyomifabiyi)


But speaking to AllNews on Wednesday evening, Fabiyi, the President of Break The Silence Foundation, an NGO, said he was misconstrued by many.

"After Iyabo Ojo's first video (a few days ago), she chatted me up, I explained my position, and she apologised,"  Fabiyi told AllNews.

"She is my sister. I cannot really understand the basis for the extreme anger.

"If there is any other thing, I know certainly that whatever the case may be, time and everything will heal all those mess.

"The koko [thrust] of the matter is that, having been subject to cyber-bullying, we discussed, having reacted, I didn't mention your name [referring to Iyabo Ojo]. 'Mo kan react generally ni' [I only reacted generally]. We discussed, [and] we ended it peacefully.

"For bringing it up again, [it] means something more is there.

"But the truth of the matter is that, in trying to take my stand, if I offend her, it is unfortunate - there is nothing I can do about that. But I will never, I will never jump into conclusion - irrespective of any personality involved.

"After I posted, she attacked me. I have a message [WhatsApp] where she apologised for not reaching out to me before she assumed that we [referring to every other person] should know. If you are privileged to see the video, you have to respect the integrity of those that have not seen, and are not willing to rush to judgement.

"The only judgement 'ti gbogbo wa le ni papo nipe' [which everyone of us can conclude on], 'ki eni yen jewo [is for the accused to confess publicly], tabi ki adajo dajo'...[or the judges should give their verdict]

"In an event that did not happen, a respectful colleague will put a call through and say 'ha Yomi, I saw what you posted, it's almost like you are saying the truth, but you have not seen it, I have seen it. It is horrible'.

"Because she is my colleague, because I know she has got integrity, I will believe her. My next reaction will be like, 'I need to get justice for this lady. We have to stand by the young girl. Who is the young girl? Is she getting help?'"

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He added:

"What I deduce was that after Princess (the Comedian) did her video, maybe she (Iyabo Ojo) got emotional again, and went back and revisited the post I did three days ago."

Furthermore, Fabiyi insinuated that someone had maliciously cut the video Iyabo Ojo was making reference to, to make it seem like he is asking for the clip of where the girl was being sexually harrassed by Baba Ijesha to be put in public domain.

"Every lie has an expiry date. Providence will deal with some certain things. If the media can be honest to themselves, they [will] see that the only thing there is that I have only said my personal opinion, which is safer and conscious.

"I did not say 'he [Baba Ijesha]] is not a rapist', or the girl is lying, or nothing - nothing like that."

On his relationship with Baba Ijesha, Fabiyi explained: "He is a senior colloeague. He has never acted in my movies before. I think he called me to his movie a long time ago, but he didn't eventually complete the shooting. That was over 15 years ago.

"So, I saw him for a long time - until recently.

"He is a senior colleague, and I respect him for his talent and craft. But I can't be holding brief for him."

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